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Sunday, May 17, 2015

a Diggerland adventure - Kassy Flagg

So grateful to Kassy Flagg for sharing her trip to Diggerland with us. It was on our list to visit last spring when we went to Philadelphia to Sesame Place, so I've been wondering what real moms think of it. Looks like tons of fun, and yet Kassy gives us the "real deal" with GREAT tips for making it a fun afternoon with the kids.

Thanks, Kassy!

Images from Kassy Flagg 

1. When did you go to Diggerland? 
April 22, 2015 
Who went with you? 
My husband and our two year old son.

2. What did you do beforehand to prepare for the trip? 

Mapped out directions, looked up what else there was to do in the area because diggerland is only open on the weekends right now.  
How far in advance did you save money? 
We started saving just after Christmas.

3. How much did your trip cost, including hotel, park visits, food, etc. (try breaking it down as much as you remember for us... $$ on hotel, for example, etc.)? 

We were gone Thursday - Sunday. Gas (we have an xterra) - $200(ish) hotel- we stayed at the staybridge suits in mt. laurel NJ. $451 food and others things - we budgeted about $1,000 spending money and spent around $500.

4. Where did you start researching for this trip? 

My husband stumbled across it online some how!! 
Any helpful Web sites, you used, etc.? 
He just looked up hotels and other activities and read all the reviews.

5. Did you receive any special discounts, coupons, or have some secret tips to share about saving money? 

We bought our Diggerland tickets at our hotel. They were $35 a person (no matter the age) at Diggerland and $28 at the hotel.

6. Best places to eat, stay, visit, etc.? Things you encourage families with kids MUST do while in that area? 
You MUST go to the philly zoo. It was AWESOME! I could do a whole other post on that!!!!! We stayed at the Staybridge Suits and it was clean, friendly and had a kitchen which was great with a toddler!! Other than the zoo and a great playground we found there wasn't a whole lot to do there though.

7. Did you eat there, pack lunches, leave at a certain time and go back, etc.? 

We have a picky two year old, and I don't like fried food so we looked up the menu for the park. I will admit I was less than impressed. It was all junk. The park didn't open until 11 so we went to a restaurant before hand and ate a big brunch. That way all we needed at the park was a snack. We had a pretzel and waters. You can't bring food in, but you can pack a cooler and go out to eat and come back in later. However it isn't very big so if you ate before or after and planned it well you wouldn't have to do that.

8. What is your best advice for visiting Diggerland... pack ___ in a backpack? wear swim clothes? go in afternoon and go back the next day? etc.? 

Go in the spring when it's not hot, or go early in the morning before it gets hot. There is NO SHADE! It was perfect on a cool April day, but it would be miserable in the summer. We all wore sneakers, but you really don't have to. No water rides.

9. Top 3 tips for spending the day at an amusement park with your children? 

This is really small. We got there at 11 and were done at 1... So I don't really have many tips!!

10. What would you do differently if you went again on this trip? 

I would look up and plan more to do in the area. Honestly this would be an AWESOME place to stop on your way from Maine to FL or something like that. A good place to give the kids a few hours out of the car. It's not a whole day trip. I'm glad we had found the zoo to visit first because it wasn't worth the six hour drive for Diggerland alone.

11. How old were your kids when they went on this trip, and do you think they got a lot out of it, remember it, etc.? 

My son LOVED it. He's a construction obsessed boy. He enjoyed every second and that made the trip worth it. 
Was it a good age span to go to this amusement park? 
It was. He couldn't drive the machines alone, he had to sit with my husband but our son didn't care at all! He had a blast.

12. Misconceptions: Something you think people don't know or are confused by when making plans to visit Diggerland that you learned from? 
It's small. Very small, and just outside Philadelphia so traffic in the area wasn't fun. Again we would stop there again as a break on a longer trip, but I wouldn't go again just for that.

13. Best part about Diggerland? 

There were no time limits for the machines. It wasn't very busy so that could have been why, but my son got to sit and operate them for as long as he wanted, the guy shows you what to do and walks away. That was so cool to me!! 

What did your child LOVE? 
He loved driving the excavator. He's been talking about it since we left! 

What was your favorite part? 
Seeing the smile on his face the moment we pulled in. He was so excited!!!

14. Anything else you want to add? 

As I said... If you're in the area or going by I wouldn't skip it. It was fun. Very small, a little pricey, and terrible food options. I also wish they had a big sand box because my son would have loved to dig himself!! If it were local we would go all the time, but I wouldn't drive six hours for it again!!

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