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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring is here!

It was kind of the longest winter EVER in Maine. Still today we have at least two feet of snow in my yard. We live in the woods, so the melting process takes a while I guess.


What is the first thing Mainers like to do after a loooong winter? Go OUTSIDE and experience Maine Maple Weekend, of course!

If you've never gone to any maple weekend events, you're missing out!

I LOVE seeing my newsfeed on Instagram or Facebook on this weekend in March every year, as it fills up with people thoroughly enjoying being outdoors, celebrating the hard working Mainers who produce milk and donuts and of course the maple syrup. The farmers are my favorite!

We are lucky enough to live near one of the best farms, so we head up the street for some farm fun every year. My kids LOVE it.

Standing in the bucket of a tractor is of course the highlight of the day!

Free popcorn and free maple syrup samples make it sweet!

We always buy some wonderful vanilla ice cream with maple syrup, too. If you haven't tried this yet, you must do it at home ASAP!

Face painting was a delight this year!

We love seeing all the baby calves, piglets, and sheep. They are so much fun to pet. My kids were even brave and pet the horses this year.

Exposing the kids to farm life is really important to me. It shows them where our food comes from, therefore we should appreciate it.

My sister owns Crooked By Design Etsy shop and so these John Deere hats from her were PERFECT to wear to the farm!


I love this holiday most of all! It means spring is finally here, something we Mainers are always grateful for! It means hope, possibility, opportunity, and family time. Love all of those things. It also means dressing in adorable attire, taking sweet pictures with my family, and focusing on one another instead of gift giving and being busy like other holidays can get you wrapped up with.

We don't do egg dyeing at home, I didn't really do it much as a kid and apparently now that I'm a mom I just don't get my act together to do it. But when we attend church events that allow us to partake in egg dyeing, well that is a whole lot of fun!

Easter egg hunts are another favorite of mine with Easter. Again, thanks to my awesome sister, owner of Crooked By Design on, we have these super cute Easter egg hunting bags! So much fun!

We love attending the local church's big hunt. It's so much fun!

Every spring in the Mommy Stories Facebook group moms ask for suggestions on what to fill Easter baskets with. I like the idea that Easter is simpler than Christmas or birthdays, so I stick with little things. I also like to pick up things they actually need instead of just filler stuff. Target is my best friend when it comes to filling the Easter baskets, most of this stuff was from the dollar section!

This year the kids received:

  • Swim goggles and rings (we've been doing swim lessons the last few months and they LOVE it!)
  • Kindergarten workbooks and coloring books
  • Pencils (my son is big into writing his name lately, so he also got a pencil holder for his desk)
  • Cups (our daughter just learned to use big kid cups so finding some cute ones with princesses on them was a hit!)
  • Fruit snacks and Yogurt raisins in the eggs that we hid on the stairs and around the house 
  • Notebook
  • Stickers
  • Little car for him, Little Pet Shop animals for her (both found for $2 at a consignment store)
  • Huge egg with a dollar in it
  • Coins in some of the eggs (pennies!)
  • Silverware for the table 

I love finding new traditions to build in my own little family. We carried on my family's tradition of making Italian Easter Bread. It takes hours to make, from yeast, forming dough, etc. I love it though, and seeing my family eat it before church on Easter Sunday makes my day!

Cute dresses and off to church, then brunch with my family, before heading to my husband's parents' house, it was a busy but wonderful day.

The lighting was terrible here, but when you have BUSY kids, hyped up on a little sugar and tons of Easter excitement, you do what you can to get a cute picture of the two of them.

I'm pretty much obsessed with the traditional Easter look with this pink hat my daughter is wearing (and her pink purse around her wrist), that I found at the Target dollar bin last year. It hangs up on her bedroom wall as a decoration the rest of the year. Love how cute she looks.

And then sometimes the family portraits turn into "Easter Superheroes do it like this, Mom." Awesome. Actually, that is AWESOME.

I want my daughter's clothing. Seriously.

And the staged, "hurry up and everybody pleeeeeease smile at the same time and act like we're not exhausted right now" picture!

Love it. Love every little bit of this crazy, totally fun life with kids.

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Easter or Passover!

Now that spring is FINALLY here, I fully intend to pack away the mittens and hats, snow pants and jackets. Bring on the sandals and spring jackets, the sunglasses and shovels for the dirt instead of the snow.

We broke out the chalk and bubbles yesterday. Today we had a picnic on the deck. LOVE this time of year.

I'm anticipating an amazing summer soon!

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