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Sunday, April 26, 2015

GIRLS sweet and sassy

I loved reading your responses this weekend about raising boys, so I decided we had to talk about raising girls also. Girls are sweet and sassy, that's the hashtag I created for my daughter's third birthday year, as it's totally what I see from her lately #sweetsassy3!

Girls are beautiful, strong, curious, SO smart, talented, talkative and a bit dramatic - all of which makes them most wonderful.

I appreciate all the moms from the Facebook Mommy Stories group who contributed to this discussion. Your responses were so wonderful to read, seeing how similar and yet vastly different many girls really are.

Enjoy raising those powerful, funny little girls!

From the moms in the Facebook Mommy Stories group. Great words to describe these wonderful little ladies!
  • sweet
  • caring 
  • mothering
  • bossy
  • sassy
  • independent 
  • daddy's princess
  • mommy's angel
  • loving
  • funny
  • nurturing
  • quick learners
  • playful
  • cautious 
  • graceful
  • thoughtful 
  • fresh
  • friendly
  • compassionate
  • determined
  • unpredictable
  • talkative
  • strong willed
  • smart
  • energetic
  • vocal 
  • happy
  • curious
  • active
  • loud
  • dramatic
  • sensitive
  • emotional
  • quiet
  • strong
  • theatrical

What moms thought when they found out they were having a girl:

Personally, my biggest goal in having a daughter was that she could talk to me, and that she'd avoid drama with peers and any weight or eating disorder issues. Those are still my worries now. My first thought when I had a girl was HOW SWEET! Someone more like me, which is awesome.
  • "I couldn't wait to bring my daughter shopping with me, now she has a shopping addiction!"
  • "I prayed she's nothing like I was as a teenager!"

"I was very concerned as I had a boy first and everyone told me how different girls are than boys. And boy were they right, my daughter is a force to be reckoned with!"

  • "I am really looking forward to playing with dolls, tea party, dress up
  • "Worried she'll be a bit strong willed like I was as a child... At 11 months she is already showing us she is! However, I think I have great drive and always accomplish what I set out to do so as long as i can survive her teenage years (yah those were tough on my folks) I'll be very proud to have her turn out like me."
  • "Psyched! I felt like I could handle and relate to a girl." 
  • "So excited! Tobhave my daughter look like me! But then didn't want her to be so emotional like me... Like getting her feelings hurt by friends or boys."
  • "The thing that scares me the most is her being a teenager. I don't even want to think about it." 
  • "I was over the moon excited. My hope/wish is that she can have the same relationship like I do with my mom and MIL and that she respects herself."
  • "I get someone like ME!"

What girls love to play with, or great gift ideas!
  • doll house
  • dolls
  • play kitchen
  • dress up
  • princesses
  • playground 
  • bikes
  • cars, trucks
  • blocks
  • trains
  • books
  • babies, accessories for caring for babies
  • art supplies
  • Barbies
  • Monster High dolls
  • Little People
  • Legos
  • Microphones
  • Tutus
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • shoes 


The challenging part about raising girls…
  • Whining. What helps: getting down on their level, encouraging to use "big girl words." 
  • "Teen girls on the other hand believe they have been on this planet long enough to conquer the world, and watch out, because everything you say is wrong, and they now know more than you ever knew!"
  • Jealousy. "it's not fair." What helps: Trying to make it fair between siblings, giving attention.
  • "They can be VERY independent and strong willed. These are traits that I know will help her develop into an amazing woman someday, but as a toddler...yikes! My daughter is also so nurturing and cuddly."
  • The emotions, dramatic flare and attitude. What helps: Slowing down, getting on her level, having firm boundaries, but being supportive, hugs. 
Being sassy and stubborn. Though I will appreciate it in 20 years when my daughter is capable of standing her ground.

From real moms in the Facebook Mommy Stories group.

Personally, I think it's important to raise them to be strong, confident, brave and healthy, versus just telling them they are pretty. Let them do "boy things" , make sure you have lawnmowers and tools and trucks and tractors around. I'm grateful we had a boy first so my daughter naturally got these things, but I hope moms of just girls offer these creative outlets for girls, too.

  • "Snuggle her. Teach her to love! Keep her close to you! Girls love to wander when they get older. Give her space but show her that you'll always be that loving, accepting, encouraging mamma that she needs."
  • "Teach her to be independent, to love. Hold her and talk to her."
  • "Love her, snuggle her, embrace her independence! Teach her to face the world with confidence. Having a girl means you have a best friend for life and someone to relive all the girly things you loved growing up!"
  • "That being who you are is the most important thing and never stifling her creativity. That is the best confidence boost she can get. Encourage her to find her way and do what she likes. 
Remind her all the time how smart she is so she is never afraid to use her brains. Also remind her how beautiful she is because in a world where image is important and our own beauty is the first thing we doubt, she needs to never question that she is just as beautiful as every other girl in the world. Teach her that not everyone is the same and so much can be learned if you have an open mind."

  • "Best advice would be: raise them as a person not just 'a little girl'. Gender stereotyping is so damaging. 
  • "If you have a girly girl, then nourish that- if you have a girl who likes Super heroes then nourish that- and if you are like me & have both in the same girl- then celebrate that. "
"Best thing about raising girls: you literally hit the jackpot. The world is changing so much every day and becoming more & more a woman's world- you have an opportunity to raise the next generation of movers & shakers- strong, educated, wise, driven women! I feel so fortunate that every day I get to ignite their mind, encourage their unique souls-- parenting intentionally so they know who they are & their self worth. The world is filled with so many broken hearted girls- the media over sexualizes us, people take advantage of our emotional nature, giving them the eyes to recognize that, and be a light, to have the tools to combat those evils is honestly what I feel my greatest calling in life is."

to all the moms who participated in answering these questions yesterday. I appreciate that you took the time to respond. I'm fascinated by what you said. I LOVE that most of you wrote about encouraging and empowering your daughters to be STRONG, confident, leaders. Love that!

Enjoy snuggling, cuddling, chasing and learning from those sweet and sassy girls.

Who rules the world? GIRLS!

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