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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dear 3-year-old Addisyn,

Dear Addisyn,
You are THREE!

Somehow, the last couple of years have flown by faster than the years since my wedding day and since your brother's birth. Everyone told me this would be the case, with our second child we'd blink and before we know it you'll be off to college. I am sure it's true.

You are totally a three year old. I know three year olds sometimes have bad reputations, so I don't want to go there just yet, but you are three. You are smart and independent, wanting to do it all yourself. You are learning at the speed of light. You wrote two Os yesterday for your brother's name. How do you even realize that an O is for your brother? I guess that's the result of having a smart pants big bro in the house. You are lucky, you know. Hope you always remember that.

These days you are sweet and sassy, therefore I coined the hashtag on Instagram #sweetsassy3 for you. I think it's going to be your trademark. You are silly and demanding. You laugh a TON. You always have a smile on your face. Well, except for those times when you are being a Diva with a capital D and all hands on your hips, staring me down like I predict is going to happen when you're 13 and 17 and 22.

You are into everything. Your dad and I laugh and also pull our hair out at how quickly you can turn very clean space into a disaster area. We swear your brother never did this, make a mess that large and quickly thing. You are just into it all. You try this, then that, then curiosity sparks and you're off and running over there. I love it. You take it all in, this great big world. To you, it's all one large opportunity just for YOU to explore and delight in.

You wear dresses and skirts and adore pink and purple everything. You love tiaras and tutus and playing dress up EVERY day. You change your shoes about 14 times every single weekend we're home to have that much time to change our shoes. It's adorable and slightly annoying finding shoes everywhere in our house.

Despite the princess girlie nature in you, you're a firecracker, ready for anything, taking it all in like it's meant for your adventure. You LOVE playing outside, getting dirty and throwing rocks, sand and mud.

The world is your stage, my dear, and I know you are going to light it up for years to come. I am so excited that you are three. Three opens up doors for you. I spent an hour yesterday looking up dance class options, summer camps like soccer and theater for you. You are SO animated, confident, self assured, and a true dancer/singer/artist/actress at heart. I cannot wait to see what you end up finding as a passion and interest. I know you are artistically inclined, and for that I'm already grateful.

You are so smart. Dad and I talk about it all the time. You learn SO much from your brother.

Lately you went to preschool for the first time. And learned to use a big girl cup. And about 8 weeks ago now you started wearing just big girl underwear, no pull ups! Soon we'll be putting you in a big girl bed instead of the crib, and we're scheduling a hair cut this week.

What?! How and when did we get here? To this place of self-sufficiency, of doing it all by yourself, of not needing Mama as much anymore? I have no idea, but I'm not scared this time around like I was with your older brother. I'm so happy and proud. I know all the great and fun things are up ahead for you now. Three is your ticket to the world, and I know the world is going to greet you with a big smile. How could the world resist, when it sees your big smile?!

I know three won't be easy. Everybody has always said to me that three as awful, two wasn't as bad. For us with your brother, two was terrible, three not that bad. Well, two was totally fine with you... so... I'm expecting some storms with three.

I found it the day you turned three actually. Last week on your birthday you were overstimulated, over excited, over tired. You threw yourself on the floor and said "NO I won't! Leave me alone!" Um, all right then. Welcome to Three, I suppose.

I know we're going to be all full of choices and getting down on your level so you know we're listening and also following through.

Go easy on me and Dad, we're tired you know. Please keep smiling. Do that a whole lot and I'll forgive the tantrums, I promise.

As big as you are, you still need Mama. You snuggle me daily. You curl up in my arms, rest your head sideways on my chest, in the exact spot where you first met me on your real birth - day. You laid there and rested and eventually ate and snuggled me. Now, three years later, you still find that place, the place above my heart, where you hear your name beating from within my chest. You suck your thumb and know it's OK, and I know it's OK, that you are my baby and I'm your Mommy, despite the fact that you just ran and told me you didn't need my help climbing the jungle gym or that you didn't need me to catch you at the bottom of the slide. It's little moments like this, that gratefully you still give me daily, that make me remember you are always my little baby.

Keep your eyes wide open, girl. Keep dreaming and racing and jumping. Keep skipping, or rather dancing through life as you do daily - literally dancing no matter where we are. Keep wondering and asking questions and figuring things out. It's the most incredible thing in the world to me as a mother to watch my child truly learning and finding her own way in this world. Isn't that what I've tried to help you get to doing the last three years with feedings and changes and helping you walk and trying out a bike and all of these little acts of love?

My wish for you in this third year is that you find what you LOVE and keep doing it. I hope you know we love you so much, that you bring so much laughter into our lives. I have no idea what we'd do without you, you truly make our life so much richer.

Oh what a Diva you are! There is a fire inside you.

Your Auntie Min called you the Mariah Carey of preschool. How true is this?! Love it.

This three year old thing will be a balancing act. I know it will be ups and downs, that's what I recall of three with your older brother. But let's just keep laughing along the way, sound good? Let's remember that you love to snuggle up on my chest and that I make you giggle in the mornings when I make silly voices while we get dressed.

Keep on keepin' on, my little girl. Just don't go so fast that you miss all the fun and love we have for you. Thanks for letting me be your mom. I'm so grateful every day that I have you.



  • all things princess related, including Frozen EVERYTHING, dressing up, tiaras
  • wearing skirts and dresses
  • wearing rain boots to run through puddles
  • singing and dancing, all the time, including EVERY time there is a song on in the car. Taylor Swift is a favorite.
  • all foods, particularly bananas (gabanas) and apples and mac n' cheese (mac'n'roni)
  • shoes
  • running
  • Mud, sand, dirt 
  • doing anything her brother does
  • mom putting her to bed
  • dad reading stories 
  • Doc McStuffins, Princess Sophia, tools, playing kitchen, Little People, dolls and doll clothes
  • drawing rainbows with about 20 different colors covering a piece of paper 
  • going to dance class, that we haven't started yet, she walks around telling us "I learned that from dance class..." even if it's not related to dance and of course we have not yet gone.
  • Swimming and baths 
  • Sleeping with her Bunny or a doll 
  • Preschool: "This is gonna be so much fun!" 

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