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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Addisyn's adventures at preschool!

My little girl started preschool this week! I cannot believe she's this big. I swear to you it feels like she's maybe 18 months old or something, except that we have that definite toddler attitude up in here lately!

I have to say that I did great, too! Everyone asked me how I was with dropping off my baby at preschool. I admit I sobbed hysterically dropping my son off the first time. It was all of those unknowns, worries, questions, etc. But the second time, piece of cake! No tears from this strong momma this time around! I knew she was ready, she was so excited, my son was there with her, and it was the same place my son went so we already trusted and knew the staff. It's a whole different thing the second time around, which people told me it would be, much easier.

What a great experience!

Her brother was SO proud of her being at preschool with her now. He wanted to show her around, introduce her to the kids, etc. So cute! I swear knowing he was there made me feel SO much better leaving her!

She had a GREAT first day! She was REALLY excited to show off her new school and tell me all about coloring pictures and playing outside. That is the best part about picking your child up from the first day away from you at a new place - the big happy smile they show you, proving that really everything was ok!

A few things that are helpful in preparing for preschool:

  1. Exposure- Go visit the school a few times, linger talking to the staff so your child can explore. Even leave them there for an hour the first time. I did that with our first child and it was helpful. 
  2. If potty trained, help them learn to get on and off the potty by themselves, to pull pants up and down, to wash hands after going to the bathroom and how to dry them. 
  3. Get shoes they can put on and off themselves and teach them this ahead of time. Velcro is the best! 
  4. Teach them to use a cup without a cover. We barely remembered this part a week or two before preschool started. Luckily, our daughter was a fast learner, but it's a good one to practice ahead of time. 
  5. Talk a lot about social skills - sharing, taking turns, waiting in line, walking inside, quiet voices, patience, raising your hand to speak, using manners like please and thank you, and staying seated until allowed to get up from the table. All skills that are important in bigger groups like preschool. 
  6. Prepare for the sleeping arrangement. Our preschool has sleeping bags, so picking one out was fun for my daughter. We had to talk about how this would be different though than her crib at home. 
  7. Start talking about the letters in her name, even writing them and having them around the home. In preschool they have name tags for everything, so it's helpful if they can at least recognize some letters in their name. Of course this is what school is for, to teach them these things, but if you can even show them the letters ahead of time that's a good start. 
  8. Pack a bag of extra clothes, shoes, hat, jacket or sweatshirt, etc. to keep at preschool. 

Let the learning begin!

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