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Sunday, April 12, 2015

a little one year old June bug

My baby niece Ada turned ONE a couple of weeks ago!

I saw her birth last year, still cannot believe how amazing that feeling was. I've never seen anything greater next to my own babies being born.

At one year old parties, I always like to capture their sweetness, and try to take pictures of them just as they are right NOW. I love seeing their bright eyes, full of mischievous, and their growing hair, their little toes and fingers grabbing at everything. One is such a fun time in a little one's life!

My niece's middle name is June and she was born in the spring, so naturally her first birthday party was all about lady bugs, flowers, bright spring colors, and little cuteness.

I loved how my sister took adorable pictures of Ada and framed them for the table. A first birthday party is all about reminiscing about how sweet and cuddly they are!

The old school touches, like the beautiful wooden high chair, made the party even more reminiscent.

The food was simple and spring-like - tons of fruits and veggies and deliciousness!

LOVED the ants on a log idea with peanut butter and raisins on celery sticks. The kids ate a ton of these at the party, great idea!

A few people showed up with plates and napkins, so they didn't all match, but honestly that made it so sweet. A true spring-like soiree, with bright colors and flowers galore!

Near the high chair where my niece opened her gifts, my sister put up all of her favorite stuffed animals to surround her. Just another small but very sweet touch.

OK these large Mason jar-type water pitchers from Target were my FAVORITE! I must go buy these myself! I love how adding cucumbers and lemons and blueberries to water makes it that much better.

Overall, my sister did an amazing job planning this sweet one year old party! It was simple, yet had these tiny touches that made it wonderful.

Happy #1 to my baby niece Ada!

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