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Monday, February 9, 2015

a 5th superhero party for Super Owen

My baby is turning FIVE! Can't believe it! More on that to come.

We had his birthday party Saturday. SO.MUCH.FUN!

We knew early on it'd be a superhero party. What boy doesn't want a superhero party anyway?! My son has just gotten into Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, etc. the last six months or so, so that seemed like a perfect theme. Plus, he has called himself Super Owen for years. It seemed fitting that his big 5th birthday milestone theme be superheroes because well, he's SUPER.

We sent an Evite invitation for the party, it's an easy way to gather everyone I've found. I did get this invite below printed from Shutterfly for free, as a decoration that I framed. I just had to use the little picture of him as a two-year-old dressed as Superman compared with this past Halloween's picture of him as Superman. So cute!

We had visited this awesome gymnastics gym at a free Open House last spring. The second we walked in I knew we HAD to have his birthday party there. It's called Gym Nation in Kennebunk, ME. We LOVE it! We knew we wanted to let him invite all of his best buddies to this party, not just his immediate cousins like we usually do (there are so many of them we usually don't invite other friends to parties because we don't have the space). This place was big enough to host all of his best buds.

The kids LOVED jumping on trampolines, running over big stuffed blocks and jumping into the block pit. They had rings to swing from, bars to flip over, and balance beams to walk on. It was SO much fun! I have to admit, I wanted to partake in the activities. If only parties like this were for adults, too!

I got his Superman shirt and hat at Target last summer. I bought the shirt big just in case he grew a lot over the months. I had to buy it then and there because I wasn't sure if it'd still be there in the winter near his party.

My daughter (above) wore her Super Girl dress that she'd worn for Halloween. It worked out great! My husband had a Captain America shirt on and I wore my Wonder Woman shirt and cape, also that we had from Halloween.

SO MUCH FUN jumping around! We had an hour in the gym, which was perfect. The kids loved it!

We then went into the other gym area (where bigger kids do gymnastics) and we did the parachute game. It's blurry since they were moving the parachute with kids in the middle, but it was SO much fun! They laughed so hard. Again, I wished we adults could have done this activity, too! 

We then went into the party room for some snacks. Of course it was super busy in there with everyone so I didn't get pictures of the food. We had water bottles and Honest Kids juice boxes. We had snack foods - popcorn, strawberries and grapes, cheese and crackers, and veggies and dip (tomatoes, cucumbers, red and green peppers, and carrots).

It was a 3-4:45 afternoon party and we knew the kids would be busy in the gym most of the party so we just wanted to do some snacks. The party place was a bit pricey, too, so we tried to keep the cost of the whole event down by just offering snacks. It seemed perfect for that time of day for the kids.

We did a red theme for Superman, my son's favorite superhero. I got the napkins at Wal-Mart months ago for $1 in their clearance section. We found Batman, Spiderman and Superman plates at a party store in Biddeford right near where I work. My son helped us decorate, so everyone got a different type of plate.

For the kids' goody bags, we used red and paper bag colored bags. They are simple and easy, and also keep things contained. It's a lot cheaper, too, than buying party goody bags (the party store had some that were way more expensive than paper bags!).

I got the stickers that are on the outside of the goody bags from, a big roll for less than $4.

We found the stickers at the party store (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Incredibles stickers). We also found the Batman bracelets there at the party store, they were super cool and my son had to have them. Then I asked him what superheroes eat to keep them filled up with energy to save the world. My son told me "Pirates Booty!" so… that's why we stuck that in there. I found the superhero Marvel fruit snacks at Target and had to put those in, too. Simple, but fun goody bag.

I then like to have free coloring pages that I print offline and put those on the table for in case kids can't sit still during the opening gifts part. They are easy to bring with us and free, so if they don't end up used by other kids we just take them home and use them as thank-you notes for the gifts.

Because the party was at a location, where the kids were going to be super busy, barely in the real party room, I chose easy decor. I didn't do a lot of decorations or Pinterest ideas. I LOVE Pinterest ideas for parties, usually get all into it, but I've found the last two years having a party at an off-site location it's easier to just have the party activities be the main focus instead of decorations. Also, the party costs more to have it at another location, so I tried to cut back on the total cost of the party but keeping decorations minimal.

We did presents before cake, but after my son had eaten his snack and his buddies were still eating some snacks. I find it's easier to do cake after instead of before the sitting and watching presents part.

I had planned on just making cupcakes for everyone, again much easier to do when you're at an off-site party location (you have limited time in the party room… no time for cutting up slices of cake and serving, much easier to just pass out cupcakes!). However, my son said "Mom, we HAVE to have a cake! I need a real CAKE!" So, he got to pick one out. He chose the whoopie pie cake below (and it happened to be the cheapest option, too and this frugal mama didn't even encourage it! love it!). 

I found the Superman logo and the little figure at a party store for $1 each, so that made his cake more "real," which he loved.

We did cupcakes for everyone else (confetti sprinkle based with chocolate frosting) and various sprinkles. My husband had the idea to not put sprinkles on all of them. I thought that was weird, wouldn't everyone want sprinkles? But when I walked around passing them out, several kids took non-sprinkled cupcakes! Perfect.

This is another area I didn't go overboard with the party theme. I used the sprinkles we had at home instead of getting special ones. I also had considered getting those cupcake toothpick toppers because they look adorable in the picture… but I realized the kids would barely see it, with such a busy party in the gym, they'd all get wasted, so I chose not to spend the money on them. They would have been cute, but not worth it this time.

Overall, the perfect SUPERHERO party ever! Everyone complimented us on what a great place it was to have a party. I couldn't agree more - running, jumping, flipping, rolling, etc. - what more could a super five-year-old ask for?

I have to say we adults had fun with the superhero part of the party also. Dressing up and acting all super and powerful, well, that's just FUN.

My baby is FIVE. How can that be?!

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