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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

MOM 2015 Resolutions - part 3

Thank you to this awesome super mom, Jess Bussey for sharing her ideas for what will make 2015 great for her family - I'll give you a hint: it includes letting things go and not caring as much about the details like clean sinks.

Thanks, mama! Happy New Year!


Mom of the Month November 2014

1. What did you learn about motherhood in 2014?
Not something I exactly learned but was thrown into with no choice... Returning back to work full time after 3 years off and having to manage 4 different schedules! I'm still learning how to balance all this work life and home life. It's a challenge every day for sure!
2. What do you want to see more and less of in your life this new year?
More family fun activities. And less stress & drama from a certain part of our lives. (I'll leave it at that!)
3. Which 3 words do you want to describe your 2015?
Happy, healthy, fun
4. What resolutions will you make this year, what will you keep doing and what will you change about the type of mom you are now... going into 2015?
Try and let go a little about obsessing over the clean house/rooms. The kids rooms are not mine and if they want them a certain way I need to set my OCD aside and let it be. 
And know that the dirty dishes and dirty floors will still be there after I play that game with the kids. Also keep my health & exercise (only 30 min!) a priority.
5. Advice for moms trying to put more ME time into their mommy days this new year, or on keeping their resolutions? What works for you?
The thing that I found that worked best was just getting up that extra half hour early. While it totally sucks it's totally worth it to get it done before your day even starts and just be done with it! No interfering with your day or family's!

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