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Saturday, December 27, 2014

merry, merry

Another Christmas in the books! I love this holiday. I am in love with seeing our kids get excited about new presents, seeing family and friends, cousins everywhere, eating delicious treats, and overall showing the love.

Hope your holiday was just as fun! Here are a few snapshots of our ho

My shining star!

I ADORE holiday attire! I look for months at consignment shops ahead of time for cute matching attire. Love it. 

Sometimes one kid looks at the camera... cheese! :)

Oh the excitement of Christmas morning and the "ooohhs" and "ahhhhs" and "AWESOME! I LOVE IT!" :) I won't forget those moments ever.

Getting favorite gifts that they asked for since forever is the cutest thing about Christmas with these kiddos.

Happy Christmas from Princess Tianna and our Ninja Turtle.

Oh these kids. At least they are cute. Even if they won't give me the "perfect" picture.

The real life moments are the best ones to capture anyway, aren't they?

Here's to wrapping paper everywhere, toys that we have no idea where to put them, boxes tossed in the basement to deal with later, eating too many cookies and other holiday treats, SO many hugs for family members and loved ones, a ton of laughter and a few tears of "that was MINE!" It's chaos and overwhelming at moments, that's OK to admit I think. But more importantly, it's FUN that can't be described until you go through it yourself. We are such privileged people, we moms. We get to experience childhood all over again with our Mini Mes. How incredible.

Soak it up, moms. Time is fleeting.

Merry, merry Christmas, moms. 

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