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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

favorite blog posts from 2014 - July - Dec

More of my favorite Mommy Stories blog posts from the past year. I've sure been busy - but really YOU have. I've featured more moms this year than other years in the past. I'm so proud of that! People ask me all the time how I have time for a blog... honestly, it's mostly because I don't write everything! I feature real moms with real stories to share, so they do a lot of the writing, which I am SO grateful for! That was part of the reason I started this blog, to get moms talking about their experiences.

So, if you are a mom who has been featured this year THANK YOU so much! We have learned lots from you.


Oh how I ADORE this mom, farm and blog! I stumbled upon her this summer randomly on Facebook... only to find out she lives like two miles from my home, in this great big white farm house that I've driven by for 5 years, admiring how sweet it appeared. LOVE supporting her!

I LOVE the beach. You know this about me if you know anything at all regarding who I am. Ocean = my sanctuary. I wrote this post about taking good pictures at the beach in the summer.

I started a "mom to three" series this summer also, curious myself about what it would be like adding a third to the mix. I was so thankful all the moms responded. This one was one of my favorites by Siobhan McAfee!

This was life-changing for me, well, at least as far as my parenting skills go! I LOVED reading this book and learning how to be a YES mom. Check it out! It would be a great New Year's Resolution!

July was BUSY... I started a series on twins after finding out my sister-in-law would be expecting twins (ANY DAY NOW!!!! yahoo!). I loved that I could find all this information out from real parents for her.

Then the sweetest post on my blog from a mom with premature babies. I LOVED this post!

I'd learned many moms were separated or divorced in the group on Facebook and wanted to honor their struggles, stories and triumphs on the blog so I started a "single and stronger" series. I loved featuring these strong mamas. I learned so much from them.

ABSOLUTELY looooooove Pee-kaboo potty stickers! I received these free as one of the first moms to review them. They worked WONDERS with potty training our daughter last summer.

And alas the adventures in potty training my daughter this summer. I love offering potty training ideas, because quite honestly when I set out potty training my kids I was SO confused and lost, had no idea where to start.

LOVE this book!

Really enjoyed featuring moms speaking about how they fed their babies... formula, exclusively pumping or nursing, both, etc. I really loved their honesty and how this helped other moms feel less alone. This "BABYfeeding" series was awesome.

Why you should be on Instagram! Just love that site.

LOVE more honesty about how hard this mom thing is.

I did a "working outside the home survival kit" series offering advice and ideas about heading back to work after baby. This question comes up a lot in the Facebook group.

My good friend's house burned down. I was very preoccupied this month by this issue and supporting my friend. I wrote about it here:

I then started a "fire safety" series, asking real firefighters for tips on how to keep your family safe from fires. I LOVE this series. It was one of the most important ones I've ever done.

My good friend's daughters have food allergies, and I know so many kids do now... so I did this post around Halloween to encourage other moms to consider getting treats that all kids could enjoy.

Awwww this one makes me tear up just remembering this day I wrote this! LOVE the little things about being a mother.

MY FAVORITE POST ALL YEAR: was when I reviewed the Orange Rhino's book. She's an amazingly honest mother who tries to stop yelling, who succeeds in her quest. I love this book and think everyone should own it.

I started my series "shop & support moms" this month. It was not as big as last year, so I'll work on that for 2015, but it was still so great supporting and featuring real moms who support their families with their hard work and crafts. This is my favorite !

THIS is also the thing I am REALLY proud of the blog helping to accomplish this year - supporting this family in need at Christmas time. Real moms in the Facebook group adopted this family and purchased items off of their wish list. I think everything was purchased, so this mom could focus on enjoying her family instead of rushing around shopping for gifts. Loooove this.

And my chicken pot pie recipes were  hit!

I did the gratefulness challenge in November - posting daily about something I was grateful for. I love seeing the list in its entirety from my Instagram account @themommystories (follow me!).

Really was excited to feature this momma Crystal Tenney with her premature baby story. I hope to feature more preemie strong stories in the new year.

And a reminder to all of us to slow down, focus on the little important things, and realize it's all OK.


Wow... what a year!
I love featuring real moms and their stories. I love that you listen to my honesty. I love that moms want to know the real truth behind being a parent- the ups and downs, not just the wonderful moments. That's what I'm all about on this blog. I appreciate that you are along for the ride!

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