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Monday, December 29, 2014

favorite blog posts from 2014 - Jan-June

Well, it's throw back Monday as I'm taking a glance backward through 2014's Mommy Stories blog posts. Here are a few of my favorites! It's been a busy year of writing. I love it, hope you learned along the way with me!

I think I wrote the most in January last year! Hopefully this January can be just as productive! 
I featured all of the 2013 Moms of the Month in a Mom New Years Resolutions series the first week of January. I love that I thought of this very last minute last year. I enjoyed reading all the advice the moms offered for how to live the best mommy life in 2014. I can't wait to share with you 2015's series of resolutions!

The "Rooms to Grow" series was super fun, where I featured real moms and the adorable rooms they have created for their kids - nurseries, play rooms, big kid rooms, etc. Here is one of my favorites by Jessie Legere,

I loved the "meal planning" series that we did, featuring moms who whip up delicious home cooked meals in their kitchens, simply by planning ahead and writing it all out. I started meal planning myself last January and it's done wonders for me in the kitchen! This one was my favorite by Shelby Davis,

I refer OFTEN to the potty training 101 series I did also in January. Tons of good advice and ideas for parents!

Ohhh I adored this article I wrote about a tough night at home with the kids, where everything felt wrong and like a failure. I am all about honesty with this blog, so this one means a lot to reflect on now. Check it out when you're having a bad day and want to know you aren't alone.

We hit 400 posts on the blog and 1,000 members last February 4th! HOW EXCITING! I did a Q&A answering people's questions to celebrate it.

With Valentine's Day, I posted what I love about being a mom. Such simple things that mean a lot. Love it!

I did a big sleep series on the blog after so many people had questions related to sleep with their babies. I loved that series and felt proud of the responses.

We did a fun Disney Adventure series on the blog this month, featuring real moms and their tips and ideas for saving money and having a great trip to Disney World! Here is one of my favorites by Hilary Fitzgerald

This is a good one…. ups and downs of motherhood, because there are CRAZY moments. And I bare it all to share with you the truth of that craziness.

The party on series was FUN! I featured moms and their birthday parties, tips for creating a cool party and planning, etc. I LOVE birthday parties, so that was a fun feature for me that month.

The Post-Partum Depression series was really powerful this month. One of my favorites was from Nicole Burke.

I also saw my niece being born in March and then wrote about it this month… one of the most amazing moments of my life, so writing this brought tears to my eyes and was pretty special.

My husband and I celebrated 5 years of marriage in April, so I wrote about how we "date" each other, going out once a month to be ourselves and keep our marriage strong. I highly recommend this!

The Mommy Stories celebrate its THIRD birthday! Wow. That's amazing! I had fun reflecting on all the cool things we'd done and intended to do this year.

For Mother's Day, I encouraged you all to take the Mother's Day Kindness Challenge that I learned bout from Connecticut Moms on Facebook. I hoped we could spread some good cheer to other busy, tired moms by doing random acts of kindness toward them.

My grandmother died in May so I had a lot of time to reflect on death, grief and how to explain all of that to my children. I wrote about some resources for you when explaining death to young kids and teenagers. I hoped this would help others in my position to feel like they had some ideas on how to handle that situation.

I love this honesty in the post I wrote in June about doing your best, maybe not attaining perfection - definitely not, but getting close and giving your best effort, even if it's later than you planned.

I featured two books about kids and teaching them to eat healthier. Great resources!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more highlights from the blog from July-December 2014! 

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