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Saturday, December 6, 2014

30 days of being a grateful mama

During the month of November I embarked on a 30 Days of #thankfulmoms Challenge. I posted a picture on my Instagram account @themommystories of something I am thankful for when it comes to being a mother.

I have to say this was such a powerful experiment. Daily trying to find something that I was lucky to have in my life as a result of being a mother. It was so great, especially during sicknesses and a tough month in general being busy at work and home. I loved taking time for a moment daily to be grateful. It's definitely something I think we all need to do more of, especially on those long, exhausting days as a busy parent.

Here is my list. Follow me on Instagram to see the pictures! 

  1. Today I'm grateful to have a baby belly still even though it's two years later. It gave me my babies, can't hate on belly fat, moms!
  2. Grateful that my mom skills make me a suitable candidate for Godmother for this handsome boy today! Such an honor.
  3. I am grateful for having a son. He makes me laugh, drives me nut, keeps me on my toes, and surprises me every day. I love the adventures that I go on with this spirited monkey. There is something uniquely special about raising a boy, & I am grateful to be part of that club.
  4. Grateful for knowledge that comes from books and learning. I love that my kids would rather read a few books than watch TV. I love that I live in a society that encourages speaking up, expanding our minds, and of course voting for what we believe in.
  5. Very thankful to have a father of my children who is so involved, dedicated, and super fun. Today my kids are home sick with their dad who cancelled a big meeting that he needed to run, so that I could go to work to run my big event. Very thankful for a great partner who helps me balance family and career.
  6. Grateful for being raised to shop consignment sales. I find the most adorable, excellent quality, barely used clothing, costumes and other things for my children all while saving money so we can do fun things. This costume is $3!
  7. Grateful today that despite the chaos, the strength it takes to refrain from yelling, and the exhaustion of being the one who does daycare and preschool drop off and pick up 5 days a week... I am so lucky to have an hour a day with my babies in the car.
  8. Happy I get relaxing mornings on the weekends to blog while my husband whips up delicious blueberry pancakes.
  9. So happy they love each other. (siblings, my two kids)
  10. Grateful that I grew up with my grandparents being like second parents to me, and that my children have six amazingly generous and involved grandparents in their lives.
  11. Grateful for moments when I put aside the to do list of things I am busy with in order to rest, relax, and laugh with my children. (Terrible picture first thing in the morning, but will take it)
  12. So happy I have a daughter! This makes me having one of each a boy and a girl, which i think is perfection. I love that she likes to dress up and go shopping with me, and that the next moment she's covered in dirt outside. I cannot wait for ballet to start! There is just something so sweet about having a daughter.
  13. Can't believe I'm actually saying this, but today I am grateful for the cold weather because it makes me appreciate the spring and summer sunshine all that much more. And I have to be honest that hat are adorable this time of year! Especially from crooked by Design @knaptimeknitter#mainers
  14. Grateful having children makes me excited like a child all over again. The smiles on their faces this morning when they saw all this snow was awesome, I couldn't help but get a little excited in anticipation for sledding whether 
  15. Pretty grateful that my type a, always organized, in control personality had to adjust after having my second child... Leading to me letting go of some of the chaos and mess in order to do other important things. There is always going to be a mess, accepting that makes life happier
  16. Grateful to live in a country with excellent medical care, 24/7. More thankful that the worst we go through is ears, colds, stomach bugs, croup etc over the years...Thinking of sick babies and their tired mamas
  17. Wearing purple today for national prematurity day, in support of all the moms who are scared receiving a sweet surprise too early and the strong baby that push through. Today I am grateful that both of my pregnancies lasted through 39 weeks and change.
  18. Grateful that I have a job that understands if I can't come in because I have a sick baby. Also thankful today that when it comes to pictures of me with my kids I rarely even notice the double chin, tired eyes, lack of makeup or any other flaw. It just looks precious to me because my baby is in it.
  19. I cannot come up with anything profound today to be grateful for because I am exhausted... So quite literally I am so thankful for dairy Queen and ice cream in my busy, tiring motherhood days
  20. Grateful for even the sick days I am home with my babies and they are napping at the same time... & I have a warm quilt, a great movie, and toys all around me that make me smile
  21. Thankful that I am a planner and shop early for Christmas so that these scare tactics don't stress me out (picture of how many days before xmas)
  22. So grateful for doctors, health insurance, and medicine... Friday afternoon my daughter had a temp of 102. 1, wheezing, not breathing well, terrible cough... Croup. She was up all night, yet the last two days her temp is gone and she is eating and playing, just a little cough
  23. So thankful I always have food on the table for my children, and that despite sometimes only having 40 dollars for groceries... More often than I'd like... We always have food. Also grateful that family dinners at the table are important and we always talk about our days
  24. So incredibly grateful that my four and a half year old son still take naps every day. He is so busy and up early that he needs his rest. And so does his mama some days. I am so lucky to have children who sleep well. I'm also so appreciative of the days where I get them sleeping at the exact same time, & I am asleep 15 minutes later...
  25. Grateful that I am a resourceful mother, raising kids who appreciate the little things. I use to throw away the ends of the bread and then started turning them over and using them for my kids sandwiches , they can't tell ell the difference and eat the entire thing.
  26. Grateful that I know when I have reached my limit and need a break. I am also very grateful that I do not suffer from mommy guilt frequently like a lot of moms I know, my children are my priority but they do not come before everything in my life. I know they are okay without me sometimes and that I need time alone, that does not make me feel guilty . Yesterday I left the kids at school for their naps while I went and got a haircut, shopped for myself, and overall rejuvenated. Then last night I ignored the messy house and took a bubble bath with candles, did a facial and my nails. I don't do it often enough, but I do make myself a priority because I believe it makes me a better mom.
  27. Grateful to live in the amazing state of Maine. This is where we have four seasons, unique and distinct from one another. Where it is hot one day and cold the next, full of adventures at the beach, on the trails, in the snow and in the Sun. I love raising my children here.
  28. Why choose one dessert when you can have a little of everything! ? Grateful that I have a healthy body image. It's not perfect, bigger than it used to be, but I accept my body & I'm proud that my it carried babies. I never diet, I don't complain that I'm fat, and I fully intend to raise a daughter who is proud of how she looks and avoids pressures to be perfect.
  29. So very, very thankful for the snuggles. Those moments where they fall into me, look up at me with big eyes filled with wonder, so curious, and hanging on my every word... It's amazing. Being a mom is true love
  30. Grateful for mommy friends and sisters who get the beautiful chaos of being a mom. The journey of motherhood is way more fun when you have other moms to laugh along with you.

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