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Sunday, November 16, 2014

tidbits from Parents - Oct & Nov

I love Parents magazine. I try to give you updates about their recent magazines every month or so, since I know you're all SO busy and rarely get time to read the magazine. So, here are some of my favorite ideas in October and November's issues of Parents. Hope this helps!


  • Book I want to read: The Learning Habit . Survey of more than 50,000 families and parents to find out what works best in helping your child study and do homework. MUST read for anyone with kids in school! I can't wait to pick this up.
  • "From the day your child is born to the moment she turns 18, you have fewer than a thousand Saturdays together." (page 25) Check out the book 940 Saturdays by Dr. Harley Rotbart, M.D. to see some great activities and ideas to get moving and spending time with the kids on Saturdays.
  • Great issue on costumes you could make at home. 
  • 147 minutes is the number of minutes a fussy baby or toddler watches TV daily... 9 minutes more than a child who is calmer, according to a Boston Medical Center study. (page 50)
  • Kidstir kit at offers a great gift idea at $20 a month... recipes, shopping list, kid-size cooking tools, etc. shipped to your little chef monthly. Awesome idea for picky eaters! 
  • Great article on sleep and why kids need it - did you know it helps the heart?
  • Potty Training Boot Camp article on page 82 is great! Specific tips there for you to get started. For night-time dryness- once he wakes up in the morning dry for four weeks, then try night time no diaper! 
  • Hilarious article about your first-born child's luxurious experience and then your second-born child's forgotten or less worrisome experience. Page 98, hilarious! 
  • Amazing article about body image and talking to your children about weight issues or comments about others bodies, i.e. the fat word. Page 119. It's good to focus on the idea that we all have various body sizes. NO talking about your own food diets or issues around kids. 
  • I liked the article about teaching our kids to apologize genuinely. They suggested not making your child say sorry immediately, but rather letting them feel it and be empathetic, going over to the peer they hurt after to say sorry. page 164

Can I just say out loud that I LOVE November? I love how everyone is grateful for things when they aren't always saying that out loud. So this issue is along those lines, full of information we should be thankful for as moms!
  • My kids loved the 6 or more pages of toys kids may enjoy this winter. It's awesome! I cut them out and let the kids go wild circling what they hope Santa brings them. Cool ideas, definitely a must-have if you're seeking the perfect gift for kids this year.
  • Loving Parents' new article every month "party of the month." This year it was a story book themed party. It's on my list of parties to create someday, so I loved seeing their ideas!
  • Great article on page 30, 10 Trips to Take Before Your Child Turns 10. Awesome places like one of my favorite locations - the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, Mass. It's an awesome place- we went there when my daughter was almost a year old and my son three. They loved it! 
  • "Preschoolers are less likely to eat a certain food if it's described as 'healthy.'" Avoid saying it makes a kid stronger, taller or smarter, too. "By age 3, children assume that if a food is good for one thing, it must not be good for another. So if it's healthy it must not be tasty." (page 53) by Dr. Ayelet Fishbach. 
  • Amazing article about a child with cancer. I cannot imagine that experience. A way to help: all proceeds go directly to the Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation to fund therapies and treatments. Send a dollar. or send check made out to Arms Wide Open / The Truth 365 Infinite Love for Natalie Grace PO BOX 4064 Middletown, NJ 07748
  • Great article about how girls get introduced to gossiping and rumors at a very young age (7!!!). Talk to your child about gossip, how it's not ok, like teasing. Teach them what to say when another girl is gossiping to them, like "That's not our business." 
HAPPY FALL! Winter is on its way!

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