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Friday, November 28, 2014

shop & support moms - True Organics Boutique

Thank you to Viorica Cibotaru, True Organics Boutique and Miessence consultant, for sharing her business with us in this next issue of Shop & Support Moms on the blog this month. She has a great discount for you (see the bottom of the page), and she believes strongly in her work and the products that she sells. Her twins are adorable! I love featuring moms who found something they could help pay the bills with while staying home to raise their kids. Awesome!

Thanks, Viorica!

All images from Viorica Cibotaru

1. How did you start your business? Why did you want your own business? When did you start your business?
   It started with a wonderful product. When I decided I wanted to use only organic skin care (2010) I tried a few brands, but Miessence was the best not only in terms of certified organic ingredients without fillers and truly healthy skin, but also ethical practices, sustainability, authenticity and integrity that you rarely find in a company in our days. A little while after using the products I started recommending them to friends and family and then, I decided that I want to lean more about the business. Advocating healthy life style and healthy products seemed like a mission that suited me very well. 

  Why my own business? I was at home with the twins and I wanted a project on the side. When I started, the first thing that came to  my mind was flexibility. Then it was the convenience to stay home with the babies. Now I want to grow beyond that.

   I'd share my wonderful experience with Miessence since the first month I started using the products and enrolled as a representative, but I took it a little more seriously last year ( fall of 2013),  when I started my small investment in advertising further more the products.

2. Why was working at home a perfect situation for you and your family? 
The twins were the main reason. We made the decision for me not to return to my daily job since I'd pay more for the daycare then I'd make. So taking care of the kids and making some money sounded good.

3. What does your business specialize in? What's your favorite product?
  There are 2 aspects in the process: promoting/selling the products  and  determine if some customers want to join as representatives.

  I love all the products. My favorite from the skin care is the Miessence Rejuvenessence Facial Serum, from the cosmetics is the Translucent Foundation, and from the Superfoods if I had to pick one would be the InLiven Probiotic (that has made a huge difference in my health).

4. What do you love best about working from home?

 I like the flexibility, even though sometimes my kids' high energy limits my ability to finish my projects for the day. I can cook, clean take care of the babies and there is some time left for my little business. :)

5. When working, where do you set up shop in your home? When do you work in the day/evening? What's your process for working? 
  Sometimes I use the desk that my husband and I are sharing, other times I hide in the bedroom with my laptop( usually when the kids cannot go outside and the inside becomes a playground). I also use the dining table as my place to work. I have very little inventory ( I order the products upon request or on-line order, this way the customer gets them as fresh as possible).

  Early in the morning or late at night are the best times for me to work on my web-site and orders.

6. Take me step by step through sending someone's package to them.. what special things do you include in there ? How do you wrap them up? Do you get nervous when you send packages to people?
  My personal on-line store is new, so I haven't had any orders through that one. I did order products for my customers from the manufacturer and I shipped them personally. I usually like to send a little something extra with the order, like a lip balm or a travel size tooth paste. If for some reason that person doesn't do e-mail very often, I'd send brochures. I've wrapped up a few orders using  a very simple  wrapping paper ( Christmas and Birthday usually).  I do get nervous when I send packages. My biggest concern is the customer to get the package in time:)

7. What is your success rate? How many orders so far?
I've had about 15 orders, but processed through the manufacturer's website ( - here you can find all the products and they ship directly from Australia). 

My small on-line store that I worked on this Summer is that has a good amount of Miessence products ( with a discount without signing as representative).

8. Why do you think people should buy these products, and why should they support moms who work for these types of companies from home?
  The main reason for purchasing these products is the health one. They are made with fresh, potent and pure certified organic ingredients (USDA and Australian Certified Organic). Most of the products are certified organic (that means at least 95% of the ingredients are certified organic with the exception of the water; only a few of them contain at least 73% certified organic ingredients). The company had always supported  sustainable agriculture that respects, supports and nurtures the complete ecology and energy of our planet. That triggers the prevention of damage to the environment and humans by poisonous chemicals used in conventional agriculture.

 Now, who wouldn't want to support moms that work from home? I've started to pay more attention to where I shop, who is the manufacturer, who do I support through my purchase and if they give back to the community or take care of our planet.
9. What are your favorite homemade or company sellers to buy from?
 My mother sends me a lot of homemade things for the kiddos (quilts, blankets, pillows, hats and more). I lot of products I get from Miessence (personal care, household products, superfoods). I love shopping at Children's Orchard for kids clothing. If I don't make my own detergent, I get it on-line at Honest Company. Local Farmer's Stalls are my favorites to get  produce. Recently I've discovered Etsy.

10. How does your business allow you to be a great mother?
  I have the possibility to get organic products for them and us (the parents). 

11. What do you think would surprise readers to know about you?
I love chocolate (the real one) ! And home made cakes! Yes, I have a sweet tooth, even though I limit sugar for the kids and husband :).
12. What is the coolest thing you've ever experienced as part of working with this business?
   Not only I pay more attention to all products we use or consume, I am more aware of the health in general. I've changed a lot of habits since using Miessence. The product formulator (one of the co-founders of the company) Narele Chenery is dedicated to share a lot of useful tips on how to be healthy and stay healthy and I really appreciate that. 

13. What is one of your favorite gifts to give someone for the holidays?
  Miessence products and homemade healthy baking goods!

14. How many kids do you have? Give us one word to describe them.
  I have one beautiful set of twins: Alexa and Gabi! 
Energetic would be one of the words to describe them. 
The on-line store is at

  If there is a Miessence product that you want but it's not in my store, please let me know and I can most likely get that for you along with the order you're placing.

 If you use 10OFF4MOMS you'll get an additional 10% off and I'll also send samples of skin care products with your order. I currently have all orders of $99 and more ship free.

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