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Saturday, November 8, 2014

shop & support moms - Trina Dinnar Photography

As part two of our Shop & Support Moms series on the blog this month, encouraging you to shop locally from hard working mommas just like you for all your holiday shopping needs, this one is SO beautiful! So happy to share Trina Dinnar's work here with you. She's a fantastic and very talented photographer. Gorgeous work! Located in southern Maine, she has a fast growing business - and you can see why when you check out her work. She's also a mother to a toddler, so she's a busy gal.

Read through to the end to find out what gift she's giving you if you purchase from her this year!

Thanks, Trina, very impressive work!


Images from Trina Dinnar 

1. How did you start your business? Why did you want your own business? When did you start your business?
I always wanted to pursue photography but always put it off. I was 38 weeks pregnant when I got my first DSLR and started reading books and taking webinars. After photographing my daughter for 6 months, I knew it was time to start building a portfolio which would eventually evolve into a business in 2013.

2. What does the name of your business mean? How did you come up with the title? 
My business name, Trina Dinnar Photography is simply my name. I like to keep things simple :)

3. What does your shop specialize in? What is your favorite item to make or sell?
I specialize in professional photography for all occasions. I do portraits and weddings throughout the year. It's hard to choose a favorite, but weddings and newborns are close to my heart.

4. How do you get inspiration and ideas for items to make?
I get inspired by following other, very talented photographers. I also am inspired by the members of a mom photography group I run. There are some very creative, talented women there.

5. How long does it take you to make items? When do you make your items mostly , what time of day? What do you do while creating something - tv on? music on?
A typical session runs about 90 minutes but that's not where the work ends. A portrait session takes 2-3 weeks to edit, while a wedding takes 4-6 weeks of editing. I do all of my editing after 7:00 (my daughter's bed time). I usually am listening to music. Lana Del Rey is a current favorite.

6. Take me step by step through sending someone's package to them. What special things do you include in there ? How do you wrap them up? Do you get nervous when you send packages to people?
I provide an online gallery to my clients where they can order professional quality prints. The prints are shipped to them for their convenience. I don't get nervous when shipping a print order because I work with such an amazing lab. My photos come out spot on every time. I do get nervous shipping canvas though because it's such a large piece. 

7. What is your success rate? How many orders so far? 
I work hard to ensure all of my clients have photos that truly capture their family's personality. I have even offered re-shoots for events out of our control (fussy newborn). I have had 32 clients so far in 2014.

8. Why do you think people should buy homemade items? 

Handmade items are oftentimes better made than items you can get in a store. On top of that, they can be customized, offering endless possibilities. With photography, I see it as an investment in your family's history. Children grow so fast, brides treasure their photos for a lifetime, seniors only graduate high school once. There are just so many great moments in our lives that should be documented for ourselves and future generations. 

9. What are your favorite homemade sellers to buy from?
Auntie Ruth's Boutique makes a lot of my newborn hats

10. How does your business allow you to be a great mother?
My photography business allows me to stay home with my daughter and I always wanted to be a stay at home mom.

11. What do you think would surprise readers to know about you?
I planned on being a teacher. I have my Bachelor's in English. I still may teach someday but I believe I've found the career for me.

12. What is the coolest thing you've ever created? Why?
My daughter's first birthday photo session. I made pretty much everything: the cake, the headband, decorations. It was exhausting  but I love the results.

13. What is one of your favorite gifts to give someone for the holidays? 

Large framed photos of my daughter. I love seeing her grandparents' reactions to something I've created :)

14. How many kids do you have? Give us one word to describe them.
I have a daughter named Lydia. She's 20 months. One word: Receptive 

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