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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Shop & Support Moms - Rebecca Godfrey - Backseat Check

Thank you to Andrea Silvis for introducing me to her friend Becca Godfrey, creator of the Backseat Check, a project to remind parents to check their back seats to avoid leaving a child in the car.

She is a mom to a two year old boy, living in Alabama. She works full-time at a hospital, and also freelances graphic design work. She has her own Etsy shop featuring her creative work - including shopping lists, meal plan lists, to do lists, etc. Tons of great things in her shop! Check it out!

Becca is most proud of her work with the Backseat Check, which she created to be a reminder to parents to keep their children safe.

"A Backseat Check is simply a time out before you walk away from your vehicle to make sure you haven't left your little one in the car seat."

I am so honored to feature Becca's work here on the blog. She is a regular mom, doing her part to support other parents in their mission to raise great kids. She is all about making life easier for others through her graphic design arts. I admire the simplicity in what she is trying to do, and honestly I think it's a big thing that she is doing her part in helping others. 

Thank you, Becca, for sharing your work with us! 

Moms, download her FREE phone lock!

Images from Rebecca Godfrey 

Becca offers a window cling to hang in the car or store windows. She also offers a FREE lock screen for your phone to download the sticker to remind you there.

She encourages you to use social media with the hashtag #backseatcheck 

The inspiration behind Becca's project, as she told a recent newspaper reporter:

"Designing things that help people is a part of my mission.  That might look like a daily worksheet an alzheimer’s caregiver can use to track a family member’s progress, or a sticker on a door that reminds folks, 'Hey, don’t forget your kid.'  And 100% without judgment.  Because we all get stressed; we all get distracted.  We leave the oven on; we lose our keys.  This project really boils down to helping people be more aware, more mindful of what is going on around us."

Becca answered a few questions for me:
1. Where did you come up with the idea to specifically focus on helping parents remember to not leave their children in the car? Why was this the topic that was important to you?
This particular issue isn’t necessarily a personal mission of mine.  What is part of my mission is designing things that help people.  There were so many tragic stories last summer about children left in vehicles.  I have a toddler of my own and my heart just broke.  I wanted to do something.

2. What is your advice to parents who are probably scattered, not thinking straight, overtired from lack of sleep, busy, etc. and trying to prevent leaving their child in the car?
I guess we all need to be more mindful of ourselves and our surroundings.  But, if you’re like me, my advice would probably be, “Don’t be anxious.”  Some of us can get really worked up thinking about the horrible things that could happen to our children.  There are dangers out there, of course, and we need to be vigilant.  But I really believe the Lord is so merciful.  There is a special grace for mamas.  I just do the best I can and trust God for the rest.  You can really go crazy with anxiety.  

3. What do you think in general about those who have tragically left their child in a car? What does your work have to do with trying to prevent those situations, why is what you do key to helping prevent these tragedies?
It is natural, I think, to try to work out why things happen.  But that is an exercise in futility.  My response is to pray.  Half the time I don’t even know what to pray, I just ask God for help, for peace, for that family and community.  I go back to Romans 8:28.  God can give purpose to pain.  

4. What do you hope those who see your signs and the logo will consider, think about, and hopefully do as a response to your work?
I hope that sign feels like a friend reminding a friend to go back to their car to check the backseat.  

5. Do you know of any great resources, Web sites, books, etc. that talk about preventing these tragedies that you'd recommend to parents? 
No, I’m not really sure of any books or other websites on this subject.  Honestly, I avoided related news and statistics when I designed the stickers and clings.  I’m definitely no expert on this subject; I just wanted to do something that may help someone.

6. In addition to using your sign, what are some specific tips you have heard or would offer to parents to help them in not forgetting their child in the backseat? 
I’ve heard about taking off one of your shoes and putting it in the backseat so you have to go back there to get it.  I think that’s genius.

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