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Sunday, October 19, 2014

trick-or-treat for kids with food allergies

I have a very good friend whose children have severe food allergies. Because of this I've been interested in promoting awareness about how we can be more inclusive of these children with allergies during the fun trick-or-treating festivities.

I have a son who is sensitive to sugar, within minutes of consuming it he's more hyper, bouncing off the walls, so to speak, so we've tried cutting out food dyes and limiting sugar. He doesn't have an allergy that is life threatening, but even I could appreciate seeing some stickers or something else in a trick-or-treat bucket. I imagine parents with children who really cannot consume certain items would be forever grateful if we moms would support them.

There is a Teal Pumpkin Project flying around Facebook lately. I love the idea! The idea is for you to paint a pumpkin teal and put it outside your door so kids and parents with allergies know that you have items there that they could have. Great solidarity movement I think!

Ideas for items you can include for trick-or-treaters who may have allergies:

  • glow sticks
  • play-doh
  • stickers
  • crayons
  • coloring pages
  • bouncy balls
  • smarties, dum-dums, jolly ranchers and starbursts 
  • erasers
  • pencils
  • fruit snacks
  • Halloween items like fang teeth or witch fingers
  • whistles
  • bubbles
  • plastic rings
The Switch Witch
If you end up with treats that aren't so sweet for your little goblin, try out the Switch Witch idea. The child leaves the candy they are allergic to in their bucket Halloween night, and the Switch Witch comes and replaces it with things that the child can eat or use. Love this idea! 

More resources:

Let's unite together and support fellow moms and children.
I hope this helped some of you who want to support those with food allergies, as well as parents of children who have these serious allergies. We're all in this together. Showing support is one way to make these moms and children's lives a little easier during the fun holidays. 

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