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Sunday, October 19, 2014

off to the fair!

We skipped school to go to the fair two weeks ago... how much fun! It was my husband's idea. The kids thought we were crazy awesome.

The things we love about the fair include...

Um, shall we start with FOOD?! The smells, even at 9 a.m. are incredible. Not all healthy for you, sure, but amazing all the same. I'll fully admit that corn dogs are at the top of my fair-going list of foods I must purchase. Corn dogs? Who eats these things except me only at fairs? I don't eat them elsewhere. Delicious. That and caramel apples. Those are a must for me.

I hate ferris wheels. I won't ride on them. When my 4 year old asked to go on it I pretended not to hear him, not wanting him to be afraid of them also like I am but also not wanting to give permission for him to ride on those large things.

Taking pictures of them, that's my thing. Riding, no thanks.

I love seeing my kids' look of enjoyment when I ask them to stand still for a second so Mom can snap a picture or 15. Awesome.

Love fair attire. I always dress the kids kinda cute in some plaid thing that looks like they belong in a fair. I don't know why I think plaid goes there, but it reminds me of farms so there we go. Me? I love comfortable clothes and sneakers, as well as the warm weather. Love fall days!

It's fun watching how intrigued the kids are by things at the fair like big trucks and logging machines.

The hands-on fun is the best part! Seeing animals, riding on big trucks and snowmobiles - very cool to this preschooler.

Animals are the best part about fairs. Except I did get sad this year seeing them all lined up and not roaming a pasture.

We loooove how tiring fairs are for the kiddos, how they sleep the entire ride home!

A great fair day 2014! Can't wait for next year.

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