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Monday, October 13, 2014

mom in the picture

My son is just like his dad. He's a hard worker, always, always with tools in hand, work belt on, and obsessed with wearing carpenter jeans or Carhartts so his tools can fit in the loops on the pants. He looks just like Dad, too. It's kind of annoying, really, considering his personality is all me, as well as his adventurous spirit and thirst for life - me, me, me. So there.

(Can you tell I'm sometimes jealous of the comments "he looks just like his father, he's ALL dad!"???)

So when he picks up the 3-4 play cameras, including one old real camera we have lying around, and he sets up his tripod (some stack of toys he has), and when he asks me if he can PLEEEEEASE with a glimmer of sainthood in his eyes, as if saying, "seriously, I won't drop it, I swear" use my expensive camera, aka my life, to take a picture of the one and only, ME... I can't help but say yes.

The result is what's below. He took this picture of me smiling, grinning, saying to him, "say cheese, Bud, give me your best smile, pal, look at me." I love this picture. I love it for a thousand reasons. I love that he cut my top part of my head off, so you know that it's a child who took this picture, it's not something that was a mistake by an adult. I love that he captured my real smile, me, the one who is constantly laughing at the silliness that he does.

I love that my engagement and wedding bands are in the picture... and that he showed how I hold my phone or camera when taking a picture, and I take a zillion pictures, so this is something I'm glad is captured forever. I love the fact that my shirt matches the orange pumpkins in the background, it's as if I've trained him already with having the photography eye.

I love that he continued taking pictures, despite that I wasn't looking. I love that I'm smiling here, probably figuring out how to take another picture on my new phone or something, but I'm there, with my son, and we're having fun and engaging in something we've never done before.

I love that he loves this type of fun, taking pictures. He's not much for TV or electronics, but give him a tool, something that creates other things, and he's all about it. Love, love, love that.

I'm psyched he found the beauty in life and wants to photograph it. He wants to make it all still. I love that my busy boy who never stops wants to settle, focus, and see something clearly for a few moments, before moving on to the next fun adventure.

I love that he thinks photography IS an adventure, just like I do.

I love that my son SEES me. He sees his mama... not just as the person who gives him another snack for the 10th time that day or who picks him up from preschool. He sees me as fun and cool and someone who lets him try new things, even if they are expensive and even if I were terrified if him dropping it.

Mom in the picture... it's more than just standing next to your child and smiling for the camera. It's also about letting your child take over once in a while and seeing the world through their eyes. You will surely be sweetly surprised by what you get, I guarantee it.

And oh yeah, I think my son looks just like I did at that age. And I have the pictures to prove it. So there.


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