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Saturday, October 11, 2014

fall fun with an almost one-year-old!

My good friend Chelsea's daughter Lilah is turning one soon! We headed out to the same apple orchard and corn fields that we took her maternity pictures a year ago. It was so much fun! LOVE being able to capture such sweetness and growth from a moving almost-toddler.

I want to publicly share how great I think Chelsea is as a first-time mother. She's had ups and downs with ridiculously long sleep regressions from her Diva Daughter :) but she's managed to stay calm and happy throughout. So, so proud of her! Her daughter is super happy and healthy, she's doing tons of things right. I love how sweet she is as a mother.

My favorite thing about capturing babies in the fall is the lighting, the way the sun hits the trees, the way the grass and hay and all things fall make it for a sweet picture, despite me not working hard for it.

What I love most about one-year-olds is their smile, spunk, determination to be independent, and how they are SO damn cute. Every little bit of them is what I want to capture, knowing from having my own babies who turned one, that it doesn't last long, one day you won't remember how little they really were.

So as I take photographs of one-year-olds I make sure to capture those things that I anticipate this mom will want to remember.

That involves lots of learning to walk pictures, how they stumble and take little steps, wobble around a bit.

Their look of wonder is so sweet to me. How everything seems to be huge and amazing and within their grasp, finally, after a long year of crawling and cooing.

They get so excited at their accomplishments! Love that.

I love depth and difference. I like to put a little baby who seems big to her parents and put her next to something large, like a tractor, so they see that yes, she's still a little girl in there.

I love capturing the teeth. Those little tiny toes and hands.

Exploring. If you take any single picture of your toddler, make it one of them exploring. Don't just do posed pictures. Find ones of them seeing the world for the first time, checking things out and realizing how cool life is.

I always get down on their level to see things from their perspective. That way, it's easier to see how awesome that piece of grass really is.

Mommy in the photo! It's so important to take candid pictures of moms with babies.

Learning to walk is so much work - and tons of fun!

LOVE how genuinely in love with her baby my friend Chelsea appears in this picture above. Every mom should have a picture like this taken of them, showing them just happy in the moment.

Farmer girl!

When taking pictures of one-year-olds I always make sure to capture the little things... her ears, her fingers, hair color and length, how tall she is, that look of happiness... those are the things every mom wants to remember.

Teeny fingers make me smile :)

Family picture with a little girl learning that she's going to be ONE! Love it.

Apple picking pictures.. nothing is more fun than that.

This is why I love outdoor photo shoots with toddlers. It's so much FUN. You get the best pictures just following them around as they explore.

I have a zillion pictures of my kids' faces. The ones I miss seeing are their toes, hands, little short legs. I love the contrast of her outfit agains the grass.

And of course an adorable Dad in the Photo is always a must! It's good to take family pictures and portraits of the little one, but then make sure there is a picture of you and your child, and dad with the child solo. These make great Father's Day and Mother's Day gifts later on!

One year olds... full of fun, sass, and curiosity about what is to come in their next year of fun.

Happy almost 1st birthday, Lilah!

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