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Sunday, October 12, 2014

fall fun - apples and pumpkins galore

I've been waiting for a fun-filled fall weekend for weeks now. It's been so busy in September, I was hoping for a relaxing weekend spent outside with the kids, enjoying the fresh fall air. We finally got out to picking apples. We usually end up going on a Friday late afternoon, it's quieter and less busy then and we seem to have the orchards to ourselves, it's perfect!

Is there anything greater than setting your kids lose to find food on the ground and in trees? 

Taking family pictures in apple orchards is my favorite thing about fall. Sure, nobody looks at the right time, but they still look cute.

The best part about farms is the old tractors and hay bales!

The second best part about fall is pumpkins. I'll fully admit that I mostly enjoy taking pictures of my kids picking out pumpkins, more so than actually getting them. I think the colors of the bright sunshine and fall tree leaves , as well as the bright orange pumpkins make for gorgeous pictures of the children. It's my favorite.

Is there anything more adorable than little kids' fall clothing and boots?! I literally found this shirt for my daughter a year ago and was picturing her wearing it for fall pictures.

I love her little fingers and how tall he is. I love their faces together. I love their sheer joy and excitement over the outdoors. Fall is so much fun!

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