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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dear 2 1/2 year old Addisyn,

Dear Addisyn,
Today is your Half Birthday. This is a fun thing in our family. We always do ice cream for half birthdays. Any excuse to celebrate is good in our book, right?

You are SO awesome right now. Seriously. Loving the stage you're in. Yes, sure, we have moments where you are a Diva with a capital D, totally a 2-year-old, all saying "NO" in a big loud voice, wanting to do it all yourself most of the time, and even testing me with a smirk on your face as you reach for something I've told you not to touch, as if testing me, "What are you gonna do it about it, Mom?"

You're so independent these days. It's not making me sad. I'm not having that old "where'd my baby go?" weepy feeling right now. I'm just thoroughly enjoying this phase of your life. You are developing at the speed of light it feels like. You learn something new all the time. You have full conversations with us now, that's the most amazing part about you. You talk so much and know so many things it's incredible. We are so proud of you every day.

You are still a Mama's Girl... but you and Dad are super close lately. I love that. You run to him every single day when he comes home from work, like wherever you are in the house you somehow hear he's coming inside and drop whatever you are doing to rush over to him.

I love your excitement and enthusiasm.

You dance EVERYWHERE you go. Literally everywhere. Just this morning you told me you were heading out for dance lessons. I cannot wait to start you dancing in a class, because your passion for enjoying every bit of life is going to shine on a dance floor, I just know it.

You are SILLY.
Sassy, full of attitude and Diva-ness. Not quite sure exactly what that means? Well, it's everything you are. We've called you a Diva since you were born, which basically means you know what you want and demand it when you want it, and you're all full of this funny, sweet, awesome attitude. You are totally sure of yourself, unique, and filled with a huge personality of happiness and sheer joy. Your laugh is contagious. We tickle you all the time just to hear it.

You stick your tongue out at us all the time. It's annoying and adorable all in one. You make silly faces, love dressing up in jewelry, hats and sunglasses. You wear my shoes every day. Heck, you wear dad's shoes and your brother's also. You love dressing up. I swear you may become an actress.

There is so much we love about you, Addi Girl. We are learning new things daily right along with you. It's the most fun to see you run toward something you enjoy, or to see you take a bear or doll with you EVERYWHERE you go. You are such a caretaker and I adore that.

You get bored easily, wanting to find something else exciting to move on to next. You LOVE fiercely. You take such good care of your dolls and yet you're covered in dirt every single day when we play outside. Dad and I love that most about you.

Your brother is your entire world. You two fight like crazy the last month or so. You're sensitive and whiney, which gets your brother to laugh, so he picks on you and you pick on him and then it just drives me nuts. But you have fun along the way, and that's what siblings are all about I suppose. You follow everything he does. In the car, you narrate to him, "Look, Owen, see that truck? Owen, you go to school today? Owen, I went to school today. You see that train, Owen?" Everything is about your brother. You hug him every night and refuse to go to your own bed until you've kissed him goodnight in his room.

It's the sweetest thing ever. I hope it stays this way forever.

You're in this awesome place, little girl. The whole world is stretched out before you and you're running right for it, eyes wide open, head up, and full of confidence and all adventure-seeking. I want to remember you this way when you are a teenager arguing with me and when you leave for college someday. I want to remember how you started as a two-year-old, ready for anything, not afraid, a risk taker, SO incredibly happy all the time.

Not many parents want to remember the two-year-old stage. Sure, we have moments that I'd love to move right past and rush toward three. But mostly, Addisyn, you are just amazing right now and we are lucky to be your parents.

I read an article recently that made me think of you. It included this quote:

"She will know that she does not have to be delicate or lovely if she does not want to be. I want her to know she does not have to water herself down to spare the intimidating of others. I hope she is unapologetic with her confidence. I hope she is a force to be reckoned with. 
A hurricane."
Keep enjoying life, sweet girl. Keep having fun and being my sweet girl who begs me to "Sing Twinkle Twinkle, Mommy," at night, who can't sleep if I'm home and Dad puts you in your crib, you need me to rock you first. 
Love you, little girl. Happy 2 1/2 birthday. Next up: THREE! 

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