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Sunday, October 19, 2014

childhood is

Lately my kids have just been adorable.
You know that feeling where you're standing back, observing, taking a breath, stopping to really take in how cute they are? I've had a few of those lately. I think it's why I love fall... because we spend time outside and the colors and lighting make it all so nostalgic and sweet.

It's got me thinking about the childhood my babies are into right now.

Childhood is supposed to be fun and carefree. It's finding out new things every day. It's learning each day, and being excited about the learning process.

It's being next to something really big when you are really small, and feeling SO cool.

It's RUNNING everywhere you go, because you cannot do anything but race there to find out what's around the corner, down the road, or up ahead.

You are so intrigued, totally psyched about every little thing.

Childhood is about seeing how strong you are, how much you can handle and carry.

It's being proud of all the little things you can do. It's having no fear.

Childhood is exciting. Fun. Adventurous.

It's seeing something for the first time and thinking it's so great, easygoing and nothing to be afraid of.

It's seeing something for the 10th time and still being excited about it as if it were the first time.

It's standing tall, as if you are king of the world, knowing that you are bigger than your body shows, that you have big dreams and ideas, because well, you're a child. And children do everything in a big way. 

It's never accepting defeat. It's always trying harder and one more time giving it your all. 

Childhood is full of ups and downs, bruises and tears. It's full of people saying no and lots of YES, go for it! you can do its! 

It's the best gift we can give to our kids. 

It's patience, time, sitting around eating apples in a field just because there is nothing else planned today. 

It's hugging when they fall, and reassuring them that it'll be fine when the doctor comes in to give them that shot. 

Childhood is raising littles into big ones. It's helping them develop and feel like big people. It's raising future adults, change-makers, leaders, doctors, nurses, teachers, and workers. 

Childhood is FUN. It's so awesome. 

We are lucky to have this second chance at childhood with our babies. 
Enjoy it while it lasts. It's over in a blink of an eye. 

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