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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

pee-kaboo - reusable potty training stickers!

I love Instagram. You should know this if you follow me @themommystories. My sister calls me a "serial Instagramer" because I post pics all the time and am connected to a lot of people on there. Well, in this case it's worked to my benefit! I found THE coolest potty training thing ever!

I posted a picture of my daughter reading during our potty training camp in the house over a long weekend (more info on how she's been doing with the pottying coming soon!). A lady, Nina Nsilo-Swai, @peekaboopottysticker commented on it and told me she had just the thing to send to me to try out her new product and make pottying easier with my daughter.

I said YES PLEASE. I will totally try out anything to make pottying easier, and write a blog review in exchange for this generously free product coming my way.

I checked her out online, a new business, she has a great, user-friendly Web site at, as well as a cool Facebook page at Check these out!

There is a great video that shows you step by step how to use the stickers also.

So in the mail a few days later, wrapped up GORGEOUSLY in orange and white polka dot paper (my favorites combined) was this pee-kaboo reusable potty training sticker kit.

It's simple, yet amazing - as all great things are!

It comes with two reusable stickers of your choice - the Let's Roll fire truck and train, or the Springtime flowers and butterflies set. We chose the Let's Roll because who doesn't love trucks?!

It has great instructions and a cute booklet with pottying tips, as well as a door hanger letting everyone know that your child is down to business in the bathroom!

It was SO easy to apply to our kids' potty. You literally just peel and stick. The label is on it so you know which side is the right side to apply.

The sticker is black under cold water, so after peeing on it you rinse it out like normal, then run it under cold water to make it black again. The pee or warm water makes it turn color to see the sticker. Easy, simple, yet the kids LOVE it. Even my 4 year old was psyched to "change it to the fire truck!"

When my daughter first saw it in her potty she didn't understand that it was OK to pee on it. She was a little weird at first. I showed her how it turned colors with warm water and she was psyched.

My daughter is SO excited being a big girl now, going potty every day, and the pee-kaboo potty sticker definitely helped us get here!

Sometimes all that would get her into the bathroom was saying "let's go get that fire truck in there! let's pee on him!" I know it sounds silly, but for a 2 year old it worked!  She was happy and excited about seeing the truck. I think it just helped us get through the tougher days where she was less patient with the process, as in, "really? we have to do this every 30-45 minutes? that's no fun!"

I highly recommend you purchase one of these pee-kaboo potty stickers. They are easy, fun, and created by a fellow MOM like us. They are bright and colorful. 

I love that she doesn't label them "girls" or "boys," leaving it up to you which ones you prefer for your child, trucks or flowers.

I love the pride this momma has for her product and how hard she's working to promote it to other moms, sure because it's her business but really it seems that she's just PSYCHED to help out other moms in the pottying phase.

I love the Web site and the video, SO happy and easygoing, user-friendly. I love how simple this process was using the pee-kaboo sticker.

I love that my kid loved it!

Seriously, check this out! Only $22 and free shipping, can't beat that!

Whatever helps pottying go smoothly is a plus in my eyes. pee-kaboo definitely is awesome.

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful review. The look on your daughter's face, hands raised in triumph, makes it all worthwhile! We want everyone to experience such joy as they potty train, so the first 30 readers to place an order will get $4 off when they use the discount code MOMMYSTORIES, And shipping is still FREE! #happypottytraining for all!