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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

for the love of the lake

My mom and family rent a camp at the lake in New Hampshire every summer, since we were kids. I love that my sister and I get to take our babies there each summer now. It's so much fun watching them take it all in - the water, the ducks floating by, the boat rides, eating watermelon and grilled chicken, digging in the sand for treasure. Love every bit of it.

A few of my favorite lake things :

I love squinty eye pictures because the sun is so bright and we're laughing so hard.

I love water babies, and snuggles with their mom, when they cling so tightly tome, saying "hold on, Mama, keep me up, don't let me down!" I'll never do such a thing, my dears.

I love seeing them in bathing suits where they look like they've grown a foot since yesterday in their pajamas.

I love the natural happiness amidst water, sun and trees. It's just something nice and simple, yet huge and awesome at the same time.

I love the exploration. The figuring stuff out and problem solving... with tubes or shovels or whatnot. 

I love the faces... the best pictures I ever take of my kids are these ones at lakes or beaches, carefree, on a whim, in the summer time. 

I love the soaking it all up, taking it all in, observing, relaxing, sitting on the sideline of their little life.

I love the details... the getting down low to see what they see. 

I love the sibling love.

I love the peace and tranquility. 

Yes, I even love the face and feet selfies.
Feet in sand, best pics ever.

I even love the endless staged pictures that take forever and make the kids antsy, but that we laugh at later. 

I ADORE the cousins. The playing and digging and cousin laughter that happens only a few times a year and makes it so much more special than if we saw each other every week. The way they are inseparable makes my heart smile.

I love that the lake makes my own children so busy that I can focus on my nephew and being silly with him. 

I love the toothy smiles, the sunglasses they'll only wear when too tired from fun to complain, and the puffy life vests that make them look like big kids. 

I love the true meaning of the word FUN that you see in the water, sunshine, and from making bubbles and jumping over the mini waves. 

I love the different views of my babies.

And tutu bathing suits. LOVE tutu bathing suits. 

I even love when sometimes my shadow taking the picture gets into the photo, like it's not supposed to do if you're a real photographer, but I like it because it shows I was there, this crazy photo-obsessed mama was there watching all the fun.

I love my siblings, hanging out like when we were kids. Just like our kids now do.

I love the water, the smells and the fresh air, the sunshine on my skin, the glimmer of possibility that summer is not quite over yet, there is still fun to be had.

I love the smiles. The real, genuine, life is AWESOME smiles from my babies. Nothing better than that. 

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