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Sunday, August 31, 2014

exploring Forts McClary & Foster

We live in southern Maine and are often by the beach, as you see from all of our pictures! So one day we were done with the beach but ready for more exploring. We found ourselves in Kittery at Fort McClary. It's one of my favorite places, but I'd never taken the kids there yet. SO much fun! Cheap, outside, sunny kinda fun. My favorite kind.

We got a great workout here, going up these stairs and in and out of the fort structures.

Such a great place for make believe and creativity. My son was obsessed with finding "Pirate Treasures."

I would not recommend wearing a dress to climb these stairs... but this 2 year old Diva would not wear anything else.

The clouds were the perfect backdrop that afternoon for beautiful pictures!

We told them this was where pirates worked one day. They LOVED exploring and searching for Captain Hook!

Seriously, those clouds!

This was the perfect spot for a photo shoot. If you want great pictures of your kids, just dress them up cute, gather hats or whatever other accessories that seem fun that day, and just follow them around as they explore, nothing posed. It's more fun that way anyway, and cheaper for you than trying to do some staged pictures.

Try this out!

*Note: real photographers are BEST as capturing your child for a gorgeous family portrait. This is just if you aren't able to get one of those done. Try out your own camera and some pretty clouds :) *

Fort McClary was SO fun! It was an easy afternoon. You could even take a picnic there for dinner or lunch. A few bucks and TONS of fun in Maine... I'll take it!

We then visited For Foster later in the week, it's up the street in Kittery.

We went after naps around 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon. We got subs and packed a picnic to just relax in the sunshine. It was awesome! We stayed for three hours and had no idea it was past bed time!

The beach is right in front of that picnic table, kids could swim if they wanted. We got our feet wet and searched for sea treasures.

Love the huge grass field, plenty of space for tents or towels for laying out.

The kids loved this old boat at the playground. So much fun!

We climbed to the top of that fort in the background, super fun and great views of the ocean.

A great few days of exploring! We love outside adventures. The kids enjoyed these so much, I can't wait to visit these forts a few more times this fall and definitely all next summer.

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