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Thursday, August 14, 2014

books - August reads that we loved

We found some good ones at the library this month, check these out!

We love these penguin books! This one is about a penguin who knits, so if you have a sewing or knitting loving child on your hands, this is a great story for them. It's about love, too, so a good Valentine's book or for someone special.

The chicken one is adorable, it's about learning to cook, it even has sidebars on each page explaining terminology for cooking. Love this for a budding chef! 

Who is coming to our house? is a GREAT book! You go through page by page of animals, various farm animals, asking questions and making noises, only at the end do you find out who was coming to their house, baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph. It's the sweetest book. It doesn't mention Christmas, even though it's a story of the day Jesus was born, Christmas. It's not religious focused, yet it's religious based. It's simple and sweet, and grabs kids' attention through the animals. My kids loved it. I definitely want to find this to buy for Christmas time. 

This is an awesome book about the alphabet. It's all about lower case letters. I've never seen one about lower case letters before, it teaches kids the smaller letters in a funny way of watching the letters fall asleep and cause mischief. Definitely one to buy!

If you have a train lover, this book Train Song is a MUST.It has gorgeous photographs, and the words are written as a poem, short, sweet, easy to read, fun to say out loud, and my son loved it. Great story.

What have you found at the library this month?

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