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Saturday, August 9, 2014

blueberry picking!

There are a few things I look forward to in the summer, one being blueberry picking! We've gone every year since my son was little. It's SO fun watching their eyes light up at the sight of food in the outdoors, on trees, that they can just eat as they please. They think it's the coolest thing ever. Which really, it is isn't it?!

We love Payeur's in Sanford. They give each child a bucket with a balloon so it's easy to spot your children, but also SUPER fun for the kids.

Honestly, the best thing about blueberry picking - besides eating fresh berries and making homemade blueberry muffins - is the adorable pictures of the kids in nature. Nothing cuter than sweet littles next to green trees and sunshine.

Mouths full of berries... now, that's what summer is all about :) 

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