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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

summer reads - July

We love reading. We love love love libraries the most! Of course, I can't keep my kids quiet in libraries so we're those in and out kinda people, but hey, we still love books!

We recently visited my father on Frenchboro Island, up past Bar Harbor. They have an awesome library, where we always find new books.

We always do the library summer reading program, where we read for 2 hours and our son gets to pick out prizes at the library. He loves it! He's the busiest kid around, never stops, yet the second I offer to read a story, he's completely content and calm.

Books are awesome. Here are a few fun ones for you to check out at your local library!

The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen is hilarious! About a ship with circus animals on it that crashes into an island, all the animals live on the island instead of being in a circus. Love it!

The Raft by Jim LaMarche was such a sweet story about a young boy who lives with his grandmother for the summer. He dreads it, thinks it's boring, then realizes there are so many fun things on the river to explore and she's a cool grandma. Great gift idea for a grandparent. 

Got bored kids on your hands? Give them this book below, Five Little Monkeys With Nothing To Do by Eileen Christelow. These guys are given a chore to do each time they complain, the house is spotless, mama is happy. Love if this were real life!

I love giving books as gifts, trying to find one that resembles the person you're giving it to. What is your favorite book to give as a gift? 

A few more books we loved this July:

How Big Were the Dinosaurs? by Bernard Most is the best book about dinosaurs I've read. It gives sizes, colors and real names of dinosaurs, in funny ways. 

Eric Carle is my ABSOLUTE favorite. We collect all of his books. Dream Snow is superb. I bought it for a gift for someone, and now need to get it for my own kids. LOVE this book. Such amazing pictures. 

Smiley Shark by Ruth Galloway is such a hilarious tale of a big old shark who when he smiles looks like he's going to eat the others, so they are scared of him, he's not making friends easily. In the end, his smile scares away something that's trying to get at his friends, so they learn he's not so bad after all. Great gift idea for a child heading to school with new friends.


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