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Thursday, July 17, 2014

summer days in June

Summer is my favorite time of the year! I love the early days of September, too, but summer is awesome. I work in a school so I'm off in the summers with my babies, which is the best part. Things are slower, I have more patience and energy, and I see the kids smile a zillion times a day. What could be better?

Here's what we've been up to this summer so far.

We have a tradition the last couple of years that the first day off from school and work we head right to the beach, even if it's cloudy! My family still owns property on York Beach so it's easy parking, same spot I grew up playing as a kid. I LOVE this! Being on the beach by 9 a.m. instead of in a meeting and rushing to drop kids off at daycare is just sweet bliss. 

My father is a lobsterman, so we head to the York Harbor often to run around by the sea, check out the lobster boats, and of course my favorite - look for sea glass!

This is my Dad! He's the best Papa ever to the littles. 

Living in Maine, we're lucky. We live outside in the summers. It's not necessary to head to a big amusement park around here. Just stopping by the Harbor to walk around is amusement enough for these littles. Fresh air, salt and sea, shells and creatures, what could be more fun?!

We visited a super fun farm. Love animals! 
We've also gone to a farm stand for fresh veggies and fruits weekly. My kids get a treat there - they get to pick whatever fruit they want. I love seeing them make that choice. So cute.

We found this huge cemetery with many walking paths and trees and a sweet little pond with geese. We just love walking around there and having a picnic by the pond. My husband thinks it's slightly weird that we go to a cemetery to play... but I think it's peaceful.

ICE CREAM! Tons of ice cream. Probably once a week we go out for ice cream in the summer. Why would you not?! My sneaky mama trick this summer has been frozen yogurt. I'm in LOVE with it for the kids - they don't notice it's different (and half the sugar!) and I feel better allowing it for a dinner snack.

We have also found a couple of frozen yogurt places - in Ogunquit and Saco - where you pick a flavor, then add all your toppings, including lots of fruit options. Love this!

We started the library summer reading program. It's free for kids 3 and older. My son did it last year for the first time, we love it. For every 2 hours you read (encouraged to read 20 minutes a day) your child earns prizes at the library. My kids LOVE it! We go and get new books each week, read our old books at home, and it's a nice thing in the middle of our busy days to slow down and read a bit.

And more beach days...

We thought this was a jellyfish, we aren't positive but it looks like it (left):

And TONS of peanut butter sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly on rice cakes... oh the joys of eating in the sand. Easy lunches are my forte :)

We loved June! And to think I ended work on the 19th... so we did all of the above in about 1 1/2 weeks! Busy, busy, just how we like it in the summer.

What was your favorite part of June?!

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