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Friday, July 11, 2014

summer adventure - Philadelphia Zoo!

We visited Sesame Street Place amusement park in Pennsylvania last month. SO much fun! I wrote about it in the June 2014 blog articles. Check it out!

The next day we visited Philadelphia Zoo. What a great place for the kids. They loved being so close to animals. This is a must-see zoo if you're in that area.

They had very cool tunnels above the walkways where animals could crawl through above your head. Very neat and more like in nature. 

We didn't do it, but you can ride the camel! Very cool!

The giraffes are my favorite!

You will want a stroller and good walking shoes or sneakers. It's a big place! It's also very hot. Bring water bottles. We packed lunch for the kids, that made it easier when walking around we could feed them whenever instead of stopping. It's a big place, you could be there all day! We saw most everything in just a few hours though, as we were headed back home that day. We got there early, not too crowded, perfect day in June!

The food there is regular amusement park prices, not cheap but not terribly expensive either. There was one food stand I got my lunch at, more organic and healthier options like salads, fruit cups, paninis, homemade pasta salad, etc. There were also typical food stands, including a delicious Philly Cheesesteak sub!

A great trip to the zoo!

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