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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

a trip to the farm

Recently I was scrolling Facebook and found an open invitation to a farm near my house. We fed goats, said hi to the chickens and rabbit, as well as heard stories and played musical instruments. What a nice farm visit. Thanks to Jackie Lipsky, who writes the most amazing blog, born imaginative.

I'll be posting next all about her farm experience and what a fantastic mother she seems to be!

I loved this big farmers porch!

Wide open spaces makes for some serious fun and creativity on this farm!

For me, this appears as the quintessential American Dream. 

My littles love goats! I grew up having goats at home and my mother still has some, so they adore these guys.

Living simply doesn't seem as simple to me. I'm sure it's such hard work, wonderful and gratifying but all the same hard work. I admire those who have farms. I really do.

My John Deere loving little guy was pretty interested in all these tractors!

I left the farm thinking, I intend to go home and learn to make homemade bread, visit the farm stand for fresh veggies, and definitely read the born imaginative blog daily! I'm so excited about this way of raising a family. It's sweet and filled with love and all things beautiful, and hard work. Those are things I respect and admire greatly.

I appreciate you letting us see a glimpse of this farm, Jackie!

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