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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

a pregnancy story - Diana Cruise

I am so excited to feature pregnant mamas on the blog! I have not done this before (crazy, right?! Why hadn't I thought of this sooner?!). I find pregnancy so fascinating. I'm so grateful I experienced it twice. It's the most incredible thing in the world, to know you are carrying life in that belly of yours. I hope you enjoy this new series about mommas and their pregnancy stories.

If you are pregnant, please message me! I'd love to send you some questions and feature you on the blog this summer.

Thanks to Diana Cruise for being our first new preggo mommy to share her story with us. I'm so excited for her, due December 31st, coolest due date ever!

All images from Diana Cruise

When did you find out you were pregnant? Describe that moment. What were the first things you were thinking? Was this a planned pregnancy or a happy surprise? How long did you try for if it was planned?
My heart dropped when I first saw two pink lines! I wasn't even late but I just knew in my heart this was it. 
I had been feeling really sluggish for a few days prior. My husband and I took his mother and sister to brunch and I felt very sick to my stomach. All my favorites such as coffee, sweets, and wine just didn't sound appealing so I avoided them. Later that day I went to visit my parents and my twin sister. My mom pointed out how voluptuous my breasts looked. She told me she suspected I may be pregnant. I was waiting until later that week for my period. 

After many missed period due to ovarian cysts, I was hoping this was it! My husband and I had been trying for a while. I had a baby girl name and he had a baby boy name picked out. I had dreamed of being a mom my whole life but never thought it would be so difficult to conceive. After visiting with my mom and twin, who were convinced I was pregnant, I drove to Walgreens and got a pregnancy test. I drove home and told my husband that my mom and sister thought I was and I was hopeful they were right. 

I took the test and we both stood over it in the bathroom and watched the colors change. I started shaking immediately when I saw a faint, but second line. 
He put his arm around me and said "does this mean you're pregnant?!" 
I called my mom immediately and said "there's a second line, it's faint but it's there!" 

My husband woke me up the next morning before he left for work so I could take another one using my first morning's urine. It was even darker. I called my OBGYN and told them my exciting news. They scheduled me to have blood work to confirm as I have had several ruptured ovarian cysts that have either needed surgery to remove or have made tests positive before only to have blood work say otherwise. I went right away to the hospital. 

Being a nurse, I know how to avoid the embarrassment of a negative blood test and just signed out my results. I saw for myself my HCG levels were high. I had them repeated in 48 hours and they tripled instead of doubled!! Being a twin, I had a strong chance that I may be having twins! My doctor (and coworker) called me back with the results on a Sunday because she knew I'd be nervous! She scheduled me right away for an ultrasound to see if it was twins.

How did you tell your partner you were pregnant? What was their response? Who were the first people you told you were pregnant? How did you tell them? How far along were you? Is it Facebook official yet?! How far along were you when you made it public, and why did you choose that time to tell?
I couldn't keep my pregnancy a secret. Working nights, in a close environment, everyone knows everyone's habits. People started to pick up how many times I'd run to the bathroom to either be sick or pee. People noticed how much more I ate. I no longer wanted sweets (which was ultimately my secret blower). People saw me stop drinking coffee because I couldn't keep it down, and especially, my breasts. I started leaking at 6 weeks and it was obvious, ESP on a maternity unit. People started asking and I told them. Besides, I was so early and if anything happened to my pregnancy, I wanted my coworkers and second family to be supportive. I was about 6 weeks when I told my coworkers. 

At 8 weeks, I had my first ultrasound. My husband and I were so excited! I saw the flicker right away! I cried seeing what a little miracle it was. How could something so tiny make me so sick! There was only one little baby but it was perfect to us! This was what we wanted soo badly! 

We measured right on schedule and were reassured that it was safe to tell people. My entire family knew at that point, I was so sick and was put on Zofran at 5 weeks because I was unable to hold down food. That night, my husband put it on Facebook...I was 8 weeks and the whole world knew .

What are the most difficult parts about being pregnant?
I honestly can't say that anything has been difficult about my pregnancy so far. I have been very fortunate to have so many symptoms. I needed the reassurance that everything was fine and this was God's way of providing that.

What are the best parts so far about being pregnant?
I have loved shopping for baby clothes and sharing with my husband new things that I have bought and want to do with our baby. It feels so surreal to buy for my own baby, it's not someone else's!
At 11 weeks I opted to have the Harmony test. My husband has a history of Down's on both sides if his family. They told me that test works by taking the baby's DNA from my plasma and I could incorporate that with my other prenatal labs. Because it takes the baby's DNA, you can actually find out the gender. My husband wanted to know, I didn't care. Two weeks later, I picked up the results from my OB office and written very clearly was Low Risk for over 35 different genetic disorders and Fetal Gender: Femal Fetus! I called my husband at work and said "guess what the baby is!" He said very confidently: "it's a girl, I know it is!" So of course I went to Target and bought a pink outfit (featured in the picture). Luckily, he was on board with me naming her Alana Grace. I told his mom that was going to be her name and she said "no way! That was going to be Patrick's' name if he was a girl!" I'm glad I have her approval. I then called everyone in my phone to tell them she was a girl! I was so happy that she is healthy!

What are 5 things you registered for? Where have you registered?
A few weeks later, we went to start registering for our shower. We went to Babies R Us and with the help of my family, got some ideas. Her nursery is green with lambs on her bedding. We registered for everything from MamaRoo swing, bibs, burp cloths, different brands of bottles, breast feeding supplies, lamb teething toys and of course everything pink the store had to offer! I don't have the heart to tell my husband that I ordered her a plum purple stroller

What are you scared of, nervous about, worried for with pregnancy, labor, having a baby?
Being a labor and delivery nurse, I'm not scared of labor. This child got in, she will come out.
I'm not worried about having a vaginal birth V.S a c/s. Both have benefits and ultimately, the goal is to have a healthy baby. I work with an amazing group of doctors and nurses so I know I'm the the best hands. What scares me is raising her. I have no idea what type of mom I will be. I can only hope I'm half the mother my mom is to me.

What type of mom do you want to be? Give at least 3 words to describe.
I pray to God every day to give me patience, wisdom and strength to be the best mother I can be. Loving this child will be no issue. Neither will sleepless nights. Those are my specialty.

What has surprised you most about pregnancy?
One thing that has surprised me is how much I was a nervous wreck all through my pregnancy and that has not changed much. My husband seems to have it all together. He has been my rock. I just know that he will be an amazing father. He's wanted this child since before we were married.

What is your advice to a newly pregnant mama, things you think she must do, ways to deal with negative symptoms of pregnancy?
My advice to all newly pregnant mommas is congratulations! We are about to go through the toughest and most amazing journey of our lives. Enjoy every minute! You're never alone. You will always have help!

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! The most rewarding yet hardest job you will ever have is being a Mom- and that starts at conception! Please keep in touch through this group and let us know how you are doing! I have PCOS- so I know the challenges of getting pregnant and carrying to term- I now have 2 amazing kids who keep my life full of joy and happiness!