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Thursday, July 24, 2014

a lobstering adventure

My father is a Maine lobsterman. It's pretty much the coolest job I've ever seen. He's so hard working, dedicated and determined. He moved to northern Maine to an island off the coast of Bar Harbor, called Frenchboro Island. We take a ferry to get there. It's the coolest adventure my kids could ever ask for!

We go every Fourth of July weekend and usually another time in the summer or fall.

Here is our recent visit, full of eating seafood, playing with sea creatures, riding the waves on the boat, seeing seals, and more relaxing fun! If you ever have the chance to take your kids on a boat off the coast of Maine, DO IT! It's something they'll never forget.

Coolest Papa ever lets a 4-year-old drive on the roads in a golf cart - THAT is how awesome the island is! No street signs, no speed limits, handful of cars. Pretty much awesome.

They have a little library on the island that we LOVE visiting every day. We pick books for the night, head home, read before bed, return the next day. It's awesome, open all day long.

This is probably my favorite picture of my son lately, we'd visited the library to get books, and I was on the playground with my daughter. He said he wanted to read, so sat on the edge of the golf cart and was reading to himself. :) Love raising readers.

What's in the back of a golf car on an island: lobster trap rope, WD40, baseball bat, hat for the sun, and library books. Awesome!

On the island, I run every morning, we take long walks iwth the jogger, picking flowers along the way.

Ever seen a lobster boat pulling a tube?! SO MUCH FUN!

The excitement of holding lobsters is so cute. They aren't scared at all of these things!

LOTS of work to be done around here. They love working on buoys and with traps and tools. 

I even found time to myself on this trip, the kids were so busy working and playing that I could put my feet up and read! LOVE moments to myself.

We visit Eastern Beach (beautiful path to the side of the island, right along the ocean). It's my favorite part of the island.

Last year in this spot she could barely stand on her own, now she runs everywhere! 

It's a messy kind of visit, where the kids change clothes about four times a day, but I would not have it any other way. Exploring and learning comes with mess. I'll take it!

So much curiosity, love seeing that look on their faces when they are trying to figure something out! 

Love my little ocean - loving family! 

Hauling traps, aboard the Angela Rose, named after me :) 

Seeing the seals is always my favorite part. I get giddy with excitement, like a child on Christmas morning, I'm not exaggerating, they are so cool to see in the wild like this!

Such a fun excursion to the coast of Maine. We are SO lucky to live in this great state and to have a father/grandfather who teaches us so much with his craft of lobstering.

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