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Thursday, June 26, 2014

tidbits from Parents

Some great ideas in the recent issue of Parents magazine for July 2014! Check it out!

  • They have a list of great summer places to visit in each of the states in America. I found out about a new one near me I'd never heard of in Greenland, NH, Great Bay Discovery Center. They have story time and activities this summer I'd love to check out! If you're traveling this summer to another state, check out this list of activities! (page 44)
  • Talk to your kids about not petting another dog they don't know until they ask the owner. Great advice I'm sure some parents forgot about! Especially during the summer when we're outdoors more, good tip. 
  • Did you know 9,400 kids are harmed annually from high chairs? Falling out of them primarily. Don't be one of the numbers, strap them in safely! (page 56)
  • This was news to me... apparently a study was done about noise makers and newborns and how they could damage their hearing in those beginning forming stages. For newborns the sound machine should be 6 1/2 feet away from baby's head. 
  • 1 in 30 babies born today is a twin! (page 64) Great article about the positives to having twins.
  • Page 70, great article bout avoiding food dyes and preservatives for kids. We've been monitoring food dyes in our son's diet the last six months or more and while I don't see a huge difference in behaviors, I know it's much healthier. 
  • Teach kids to name their feelings. It's SO important to avoid overreactions and meltdowns. Teach them to say "I'm mad because" instead of just stomping or hitting or using some form of negative behavior to voice their feelings.

  • On page 89, a great article with many recipes about burgers. Who doesn't love burgers in the summer?!
  • On page 108, huge article about thyroid disease and symptoms of it. If you think you have something going on with your thyroid (weight gain or loss, extreme exhaustion and fatigue, etc.) check out this article, great information. 
  • LOVED the article, "Are you naggravating?"on page 116, about how we interact with our partners. Instead of asking the same question 10 times or assuming we're right, we need to listen and choose the right moment to ask them something and not harp on it being done our way. Great ideas we all could be reminded of. 
  • Searching for a new family car? AWESOME article on page 133 explaining the pros about various family options for cars. Well-done. 
Overall, another info-packed, great tips for real moms in this issue of Parents! I LOVE this magazine. 

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