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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

tidbits from Parents

Some great ideas in the latest issue of Parents magazine!

First of all Nick Lachey is on the cover. Awesome! And for Father's Day this month there is a whole section in the back of the magazine devoted to dads and their ideas of parenting.

71% of Parents polled said it's OK for kids to play with toy guns, while 29% said it is wrong. What do you think?

One mom commented, "My son will not own a toy gun. It's like allowing your child to play with toy drugs or toy beer." Interesting! (page 13)

I want to read this: The Kids Will Be Fine: Guilt-Free Motherhood for Thoroughly Modern Women by Daisy Waugh

Great article on kid-friendly summer trips!

An amazingly sad article about parents who left their children in the back of a hot car in the summer, accidentally, and the babies died. It's terrible to consider… but it could happen to anyone! One important tip: Leave your lunch, work bag, purse, phone, etc. in the back seat so you remember to check back there to be sure you dropped off your child. These accidents happen most often when there is a change in a day's routine (perhaps dad doesn't always drop off baby, so forgets baby is in car) or under stress (rushing, late, etc.). Another tip: put something of your child's in the front seat to remind you.

Overall, some good ideas in this month's issue of Parents magazine. Check it out!

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