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Saturday, June 21, 2014

the momME summer challenge - focusing on YOU!

It's the official start to summer! YAY! 
We all wait for all year for sunny days, ice cream for dinner, later bed times, splashing in water, and overall just letting lose and enjoying life all the more.

Well, I think something that should come along with summer loving is showing some love to yourself. You work hard as a mother! You are coming and going in different directions. You juggle tons of responsibilities, keep it together, have a memory better than anyone else you know. You do dishes, laundry, carpool, and birthday gifts.

Quite frankly, you freakin' rock! 

So. People who rock deserve some time to themselves, time to rejuvenate and unwind. Time to relax and smile and rest. We rarely get time to do these things, don't we?!

But we NEED it.

I believe that we are better moms, partners, workers and friends if we take the time to care for ourselves. It doesn't have to be a full day of spa treatment (though that's pretty awesome sounding!). It can be 5 minutes of eating ice cream or painting your nails before you crash in bed from a long busy day. It doesn't have to be something glamorous. It could just be going grocery shopping by yourself and grabbing an iced coffee on the way, blaring your own music instead of Frozen songs again in the car.

So I've created a challenge for you.
This challenge is supposed to be FUN, no pressure, no expectations, not a lot of work.

I challenge you to think of yourself. Put yourself first. Address your own needs.
Do this at least once a week this entire summer.

When you do something nice for yourself, I encourage you to post it to the Mommy Stories Facebook page, message me and I'll compile responses for a weekly blog post, or add to Instagram and tag @themommystories. Remember to use the #momMEchallenge so we can follow your progress.

Welcome to the momME challenge! 

Here are a few ideas of ways to treat yourself just to get you started:

  • dance in the kitchen while making dinner
  • get take out instead of making dinner so you can relax a bit 
  • paint your nails or better yet get a pedicure
  • get your hair done... and get it shampooed also instead of passing on the shampoo or drying to get to the fam
  • read a book or magazine - that has nothing to do with parenting
  • go shopping for clothes for YOU, no kids' clothes allowed!
  • pick up some new makeup, even if you rarely put makeup on since you stay at home most days
  • exercise, run, walk, move your body!
  • eat something nutritious, healthy, something that gives you energy and makes you feel better 
  • eat something delicious, sweet, tasty, cold ice cream or amazing chocolate just because it's fun
  • laugh until you cry
  • go out with the girls 
  • organize something that is all about you - your underwear drawer, closet, car, purse, etc. 
  • buy new shoes, underwear, accessories, etc. 
  • buy yourself or pick flowers for your bedroom 
  • write a card to a friend, call and talk for hours, text someone you miss
  • put your feet up
  • drink something amazing 
  • scroll Facebook or Pinterest for absolutely no reason
  • take a lunch break at work. like a real one, where you aren't replying to work emails or checking in on the kids. do something for you during lunch. 
  • take a selfie and tell yourself, "damn I'm awesome and look great after having kids! I'm gorgeous!" and then believe it. everyone else thinks it, so should you!
  • buy yourself something you've been waiting to buy 
  • go to the movies alone or pick a girlie flick when your partner wants to watch something at home
  • don't do chores. even for just an hour. just put them aside!
  • do your chores first - if you usually fold all the kids' laundry first, do yours first this time. see how it feels to change it up! 
  • take a nap, sleep in later than normal, go to bed earlier/later = whatever you need, do it! 
  • BREATHE. just sit and breathe. it's allowed you know?! :) 

You deserve a break every now and then. Take one this summer. Even if you do the challenge just one time, it's worth it. I swear you'll feel better and your family will appreciate you even more :) 


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