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Saturday, June 14, 2014

party on kids - Jessie Legere - monster trucks!

Thanks to my friend Jessie Estes for sharing her son's third birthday party with us! SUCH a cool idea for a little guy, monster trucks! I love the colors and the food ideas, and of course adorable hand-made shirts! This mama is so crafty, I love seeing all of her great ideas come to life. 

I also love the VIDEO invitation! I may have to try that next year, great idea!

All images from Jessie Legere

1. What was this party's theme and the age of your child?
Monster Truck theme for Cale's 3rd birthday!

2. How far in advance before the party did you start researching ideas, planning, etc.? 
We went to a Monster Truck show about 7 or 8 weeks before his birthday, after the show we decided that was definitely what our theme would be. I kept an eye out for things at stores and would look at ideas when I had a chance, but didn't really get too into the planning until maybe 4 or so weeks before the party. 

3. Where did you find your inspiration, ideas? Any good Web sites, books, etc. you used for ideas? 
I looked at Pinterest a couple times, but I didn't spend nearly as much time "researching" as I have on parties in the past. I found a few ideas in the very beginning and then decided I wouldn't look it up again so I wouldn't drive myself crazy trying to do too much.

4. What words did you want to describe this party? 
FUN, relaxing, enjoyable!!!

5. Why did you choose this particular theme this year for your child's party? 
We were debating a few different themes, but after taking him to the monster truck show he was SO into it that we knew it would be perfect for him.

6. Where did you get the supplies- decorations, paper products, etc.? 
I got the fabric for the shirts and banners from JoAnn fabrics, and all the paper products from Target. Of course, we already had all the monster trucks to put out!

7. Did you do treat bags for the kids? If so, what and where did you get them? 
We didn't do any treat bags, it was for family (although there were still about 16 kids). 
I didn't want it to be something that was expected at all the other parties not only for us but for ones we attend.

8. How did you invite people to the party - paper in the snail mail invitation, Evite, email, FB event invitation, etc.? What worked or didn't work with this way of inviting people? And about how many people did you invite, why?
We actually did a video invitation this year. Ever since the monster truck show my husband and son would walk around saying "one day only" and "sunday sunday" in an "announcer voice" so we joked about it and then our son really wanted to do it, so we went with it! 

Our family loved it, especially the kids. I think we invited about 40 people (18 kids). That is immediate family and only 3 sets of friends.

This is the link to the video invitaion

9. Did you have any games at your party? If so, let us know how they went. 
No games. There are so many kids that don't see each other very often so they really prefer to just run around. They usually start a kickball game or tag or something like that. 

10. Where did you hold the party, and how did that work, pros and cons of having it at this location? 
We did it at our house! It went great, it was beautiful weather so we were able to be outside. If we had been inside things would have been fine, a little tight, and I'm sure our house would have been trashed afterward.

11. How did the party run, the agenda of when you did things (cake before presents? snacks and treats before cake?)? 
We try to keep it pretty relaxed. People snacked as they arrived and mingled, then we did presents and then cake last. The only problem this year was that my son loved his new power wheels so much that he didn't want to stop to do cake!

12. What time was the party? Why did you choose that time, and did it work out well or not? 
The party was at 2. Perfect timing, we didn't want to have to do a full meal and my son usually wakes up from nap anytime between 1-1:30.

13. Thing you are most proud of about this party and why? 
I'm most proud of how well everything came together, and the fact that my son had a smile on his face the whole time. He loved everything about it.

14. How do you think your child enjoyed this party? 
LOVED it!!!!

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