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Sunday, May 4, 2014

tid bits from Parents

Some great stuff in the recent May issue of Parents magazine! I loved this one especially since it's has tons of kids' birthday party ideas and games for the kids in it. Great read!

A few things I especially enjoyed:

  • Page 32 "Hummus Sammies" recipe... super easy and looks like kids would love these:
    • 4 slices whole-wheat sandwich bread
    • 8 tsp. hummus
    • 1 medium carrot, grated (about 1/2 cup)
    • Using a rolling pin, roll out the bread to get as thin as you can, spread with hummus, sprinkle with carrot, roll back up like a wrap. 
    • 61% of parents spend $200 or more on kids' birthday parties. 
    • For a chalkboard look, get black balloons and write on them with white paint pens. lOVE that idea!
    • Suggested time to send out invitations - 4 weeks in advance. 
    • If the venue or your budget is not able to accommodate siblings of guests, just write that on the invite "We're sorry but we're not able to accommodate siblings." (page 52)
    • 58% of parents bought a store-bought cake for their child's last party. Awesome!
    • Great article about goodie bags not being necessary and oftentimes being filled with junk the kids don't need. What do you put in goodie bags for guests at the party? Do you think they are a waste? If you are going to do a goodie bag, they suggested offering things kids will really use like:
      • puzzles
      • playdoh
      • coloring books
      • crayons or sidewalk chalk
      • ice cream certificates
      • books
      • small donations to charity in child's name
      • gift cards for hot cocoa
      • bubble
      • jump rope
      • homemade snacks for the road - trail mix, granola, muffins (page 62)
    • Great list on page 64 of charity birthday parties. One is happy where your guests receive two dolls.... they can make one for themselves and one for a needy child who will then be sent this doll, or two dolls for children in need. Or have a food-making party, decorate pizzas, etc. and ask guests to bring canned goods to donate to a food pantry. Love these ideas!

  • Boys, boys, boys ... will be BOYS! Their aggression peaks around age 2 and typically gets better over the next two years till age 4. (page 67)
  • Clean out the crib! Make sure babies only have fitted sheet in the crib. No pillows, no blanket, no stuffed animals, no sleep positioners or wedges, and no bumpers, according to Safe Kids and the American Academy of Pediatrics. 
  • The Songs of Love Foundation offers FREE professional recording songs to be sent to children facing physical, mental or emotional health challenges. Allow up to 8 weeks for song to get to child. Great idea!
  • These books look AWESOME for gift ideas! sports $5 per book or $25 for the set of book and doll. All about girls playing sports - gymnastics, cheering, soccer, dancing, swimming. It promotes teamwork and basics of the sport, plus self esteem. LOVE THIS.
  • MAINE is the best! Listed as one of the best states for car seat safety. Backseat is a must for kids 11 and under. YAY MAINE
  • Great article about kids and seasonal allergies. page 78
  • Great article about simplifying your life, and one about buying a house with a family - GREAT articles in this issue! 
  • Best of the best blogs, Pinterest and Instagram followers ... love these! Momastery is a great blog. She wrote a book, too, Carry On, Warrior, by Glennon Doyle Melton. I want this! Mommy Shorts looks like a great blog and FB page to follow, too, and on Instragram! 

Overall, an awesome issue! If you have it sitting by your bedside table waiting to read it "some day when you have time," like I was doing, open it! Flip through it! It's a good one.

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