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Saturday, April 12, 2014

party on - Jessica Begley - Sip & See!

This is the coolest, most adorable way to welcome a new baby into the world and introduce her to family and friends. So fun! Sleep Geek Jessica Begley's "Sip and See" party for her daughter looks like tons of fun - mostly because she had others help her pull it off since she was busy with a newborn. Thanks for sharing, Jessica, love this! 

This seems like such a great idea, too, for a third or fourth baby, where maybe people felt weird having a baby shower ahead of time but do want to celebrate the baby. Great stuff!

1.     What was this party's theme and the age of your child?
This was a “Sip & See” themed cocktail party to celebrate the birth of our surprise daughter Ana Mindelle.  She was 1 month old at the time of the party.

The “Sip” stands for the beer, wine, and cocktails that we served and the “See” stands for getting the opportunity to see and hold the new baby.

2.     How far in advance before the party did you start researching ideas, planning, etc.?
I started planning about a week after her birth, which meant I only had 3 weeks of planning time.

3.     Where did you find your inspiration, ideas? Any good Web sites, books, etc. you used for ideas?
I got inspiration from Pinterest and Etsy. 

4.     What words did you want to describe this party?
I’d describe the party as a very sweet cocktail party!

5.     Why did you choose this particular theme this year for your child's party?
When my first was born I didn’t have the opportunity for a big baby shower because I was on bed rest. When I was pregnant with my second we all made the assumption that it would be a boy because of my husband’s long line of sons and no daughters. When we were surprised with a daughter I realized I was in trouble—we had not a single girl outfit and I had washed and hung all my son’s baby clothes and hung them up in the nursery!

6.     Where did you get the supplies- decorations, paper products, etc.?
I bought most of the paper goods at the Dollar Tree-pink, pink, and more pink! But I did buy some knickknacks at HomeGoods.

7.     Did you do treat bags for the kids? If so, what and where did you get them?
I did not do gift bags since we weren’t expecting many children, but I did do little decorative  paper ramekins filled  with nuts, pink candies, and pink and gray M&Ms.

8. How did you invite people to the party - paper in the snail mail invitation, Evite, email, FB event invitation, etc.? What worked or didn't work with this way of inviting people? And about how many people did you invite, why?
I invited a small group of friends and family and our neighbors. My cousin designed the invitations and I posted an event on Facebook. I did print a handful to distribute to invitees who were not on Facebook. I was really excited to be able to share the news of our new baby but also was mindful of not inviting too many people as it was flu season! 

8.     Did you have any games at your party? If so, let us know how they went.

9.     Where did you hold the party, and how did that work, pros and cons of having it at this location? 
We held the party at our house which was perfect because it allowed me to rest when needed, since I was exhausted with a newborn and a 4 year old. My mom and two of my cousins helped decorate and prepare which was a tremendous help.

10.  How did the party run, the agenda of when you did things (cake before presents? snacks and treats before cake?)?
Cocktails, light hors dourves, and sweets were served the entire time and the agenda was relaxed. Most guests just mingled and visited with the new baby. Most guests did bring small gifts although I wasn’t expecting this. It was nice to have some pink clothes to put my daughter in though.

12. What time was the party? Why did you choose that time, and did it work out well or not?  
The party was held earlier than the standard cocktail party simply because I knew that by cocktail hour I’d be exhausted! In my book, it’s never too early for a small glass of wine anyway!

 13. Thing you are most proud of about this party and why? 
I proud that I was able to throw the paryy together in such a short amount of time! And I felt absolutely blessed that so many of my neighbors, family, and friends took the time to stop by. It was so heartwarming.

14. How do you think your child enjoyed this party? 
Well, she slept through most of it so I guess she thought it was boring. J My 4 year old had a blast!

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