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Saturday, April 5, 2014

party on - Hannah Contella - Mario!

Hannah Contella is back on the blog with a SUPER fun Mario party for her son! I am giving this mom the "Best Boys' Party" award for sure. She's so creative! I can tell kids loved this party. So much fun!

All photos from Hannah Contella

1. What was this party's theme and the age of your child?
It was Conner's 6th Birthday Party and the theme was Mario.

2. How far in advance before the party did you start researching ideas, planning, etc.?
I started planning for this party at least 6 months in advance. Knowing that I wanted to draw and paint all the characters on poster board I had to to give myself enough time.
3. Where did you find your inspiration, ideas? Any good Web sites, books, etc. you used for ideas?
Conner loved Mario so I knew there was no doubt that it would be the theme that he was going to do. At this time Mario was very popular so finding birthday party ideas wasnt to hard. I would just google ideas and a ton would show up.
4. What words did you want to describe this party?
Fun, creative, memorable.

5. Why did you choose this particular theme this year for your child's party?
It was Conner's favorite thing. He lived in Mario land all the time. It is all he played outside, on the Wii and on his DS.

6. Where did you get the supplies- decorations, paper products, etc.?
I got most of his supplies from Birthday Express. Then the rest of the little things was from Dollar Store or Walmart.
7. Did you do treat bags for the kids? If so, what and where did you get them?
We had a pinata and I stuffed it full. So whatever the kids go from that is what I considered their treat bags. 
8. How did you invite people to the party - paper in the snail mail invitation, Evite, email, FB event invitation, etc.? What worked or didn't work with this way of inviting people? And about how many people did you invite, why?
We did snail mail invitations. This party was Conner friends and Family combined again. There was about 15 kids and about 20-25 adults.
9. Did you have any games at your party? If so, let us know how they went. 
He did 8 games. Since there are 8 levels in Mario. We were so lucky enough to know someone who was willing to dress up as Mario and surprise all the kids at the party. He played all the games with the kids and was in character the whole time. The looks on the kids faces when Mario showed up made all the hours and work I had put into this party worth it.
Level 1- Was Mario Says
Level 2- Obstacle Course
Level 3- Water game
Level 4- Hot Potato
Level 5- The Limbo
Level 6- Put the Mustache on Mario
Level 7- Pinate
Level 8- Knock over Bowser.
10. Where did you hold the party, and how did that work, pros and cons of having it at this location?
We had the party at my sisters and brother in laws house. They have a huge field so there was plenty of room to have all the levels and the kids to run around.
11. How did the party run, the agenda of when you did things (cake before presents? snacks and treats before cake?)?
When the kids got there we played levels 1-5 then had a snack break. After snack we played the rest of the levels. We opened gifts then did cake and ice cream.

12. What time was the party? Why did you choose that time, and did it work out well or not?
The party was from 1-3. We didn't do lunch but had lots of snacks out for people. It seemed to work really well.

13. Thing you are most proud of about this party and why?
That to this day my Son still talks about this party. I was able to pull it off with help from my family and everyone loved it.
14. How do you think your child enjoyed this party? Loved it. He still thinks Mario came to his party just for him. I believe this is a party he will tell his kids about! 

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