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Monday, April 21, 2014

Dear 2-year-old Addisyn,

Dear 2-year-old Addisyn,
It seems like only a few months ago that you were born... and now you're two years old! You are walking, running really. You talk more than we ever could imagine, you surprise us every day. Everyone we're around notices it, too. You're so smart. We're so proud of you.

We have so much fun watching you grow, listening to you be sassy. We've called you a Diva since the day you were born when we sent you to the nursery wanting only two hours of sleep and you were returned to us - not wet, not hungry, not sleepy... just wanting your mama. You settled in nicely in my arms, just content to stare up at me. You've been a mama's girl ever since. I secretly love it!

You adore your big brother. Most of the time. Sometimes you tell him "Go away! That mine! I do it!" But mostly you two get along so well. You're always following him, wanting to do anything he does. It's exactly how I pictured two kids, siblings, acting together. I love every moment of you two growing up together.

You are such a girlie girl. You LOVE baby dolls, feeding them and dressing them, undressing them, pushing them in strollers or a grocery cart, whatever is available. You are so gentle with real babies. You are totally into Frozen... sing and dance ALL the time. I LOVE this and cannot wait to get you in dance lessons! You love Minnie Mouse, too. Elmo and Cookie Monster are still your favorites, but you're turning more into this girlie lately. Dress up is a favorite pasttime. You try on shoes every day and walk around, you don't care if they're mine or Dad's or Owen's. It's funny.

And yet, you're totally content being outside, you beg us to take you out, just like your big brother. You don't care if you have a dress on, you get out there and get muddy within minutes. 

We're so lucky to have such a sweet, funny, adorable little girl. You are definitely our Little Sunshine. We sing every night You Are My Sunshine and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. They are such fitting songs for you. You have this soft side, where you appear nervous, reserved and shy in front of people when you first are with them, even your close family who you see all the time, you are just shy and observant at first for 15 minutes... then you're off and running and loud and talking nonstop. It's so cute. You're just like your dad that way.

Keep growing, sweet girl. Keep exploring, learning new things, and telling me, "I do it. Put down me!" :) We like how you mix things up around here. 

Please don't ever stop hugging all of us. Every single day you ask for a hug, then pull away and say, "Kiss?" and lean in to kiss us. It's the sweetest thing ever. You do it when you say goodbye to your grandparents and friends, too. So adorable.

You say "Bless you" when someone sneezes. We don't even know where you learned it, besides hearing us say it. So cute. You say "Thanks, Welcome" when you say thank you. That one is our favorite, don't stop saying that!

We haven't yet done your two year old photo shoot. We didn't have time this week with all the hustle and bustle for your birthday party and Easter, but we'll get to it. You're too darn cute. I'm not sure if I'll get you to sit still though... you're quite the BUSY two-year-old.

I know that with you being two it's all about you trying things on your own, stating what you want, doing what is important to you. We're hoping you just don't go through all the Terribleness of the Twos. We're going to try to encourage you but keep you grounded, too. Stay our sweet Addi Girl.

Oh, and please don't ever lose your healthy appetite. Literally in two years you've only put your nose up and turned away from ONE food (fish). You LOVE everything. It's amazing. I hope the two-year-old feistyness doesn't take that away. I don't think it will with you every night at 4 p.m. or so yelling "Suppa time! Suppa time!" It's ridiculous. We have to calm you down for an hour until we eat. Too funny. 

We love you, Addisyn Rose.

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