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Sunday, March 23, 2014

tidbits from Parents - April

A few great things I found in the newest April issue of Parents magazine!

  • Tons of great Easter-related ideas, crafts, foods, and treats to make. So fun! I love this time of year with spring approaching!
  • 600,000 Angelcare Movement and Sound Baby Monitors sold from Oct. 1999 to Sept. 2013 are being recalled because the cord attached to the sensor pad poses a strangulation risk. You can receive a free repair kit at their Web site.
  • "Slips and falls in the tub send more children to the emergency room than any other type of bathroom injury." page 39
  • The Vitamin K shot newborns get in the hospital IS very important! Vitamin K helps a baby's blood to clot and newborns don't produce enough of it on their own. (page 41)These shots have been given for more than 50 years. No known risks or side effects of taking the shot. 
  • Signs of Whooping Cough: violent, rapid cough that lingers for weeks, vomiting or extreme fatigue after coughing fits, sharp inhale during the cough that sounds like a "whoop" (page 46)
  • Really great article about 10 things you should not say to your kids, including: (read the article to find out more - GREAT info!).
    • Let me help. - Don't jump in too soon to fix things, instead offer some guiding questions, "Do you think if you put the block there it will tip it over?"
    • Great job. - Too much praise is not a good thing.
    • Be careful. - Your words distract him and then make him lose focus and he falls... instead if you're worried, move closer to support instead of speaking.
    • You're OK. - Don't diminish their feelings or experience if they fall and aren't OK. Say the facts, "That looked like a tough fall." Give a hug, and offer support.
    • Practice makes perfect.
    • Hurry up. - Makes them get overwhelmed and go slower!
    • No dessert unless you finish your dinner.
    • We can't afford that. -Shows them you aren't in control of your money, which seems scary to them.
    • Don't talk to strangers. - Because most abductions occur with someone the child knows, make it clear that if ANYONE makes them feel uncomfortable, etc. they should not go with them and should report it.
    • I'm on a diet. - Because they'll copy you... not good!
  •  4 recipes I can't wait to try!
    • Kid-friendly deviled eggs
    • Cheesy Casserole
    • Chicken and Egg Fried Rice
    • Pasta Carbonara
  • 1 in 6 children in the U.S. have a disability. 
    • GREAT articles about children with Autism and other disabilities. Resources for family members struggling through this type of situation with their children. How to get financial support, therapies, great places for vacations for children with handicaps, etc. Great information! I really recommend this portion of the magazine this month if you or someone you know is in a situation like this.  
  • Awesome article on page 114 by Denise Ullem about trying to achieve perfection as a mother. She wrote:
    • "Motherhood socked it to me, with sleep deprivation, a traveling husband, marital spats, a dirty house, and 35 stubborn pounds of baby weight... Perfection sat in the corner and mocked me, luring me with the notion of gleaming toy-free floors, impeccably mannered children, skinny jeans, restful nights, and healthy dinners served with sides of local, organically-grown veggies. Instead of joyfully playing with my daughter, I scurried along her trail of toys, constantly cleaning up after her." 
    • She said then one night she was looking at pictures of her kids and realized that she took those pictures, she was with her kids, but she doesn't remember those moments... she was just "wishing away the days" with her children instead of being present in the moment. 
Great issue of Parents! Check it out today!

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