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Saturday, March 29, 2014

party on - Jillian Brooks!

Jillian Brook is one super mama, this I know from getting to know her via the Mommy Stories Facebook group. She's one of those moms who I always find myself wishing I could hang out with for coffee or just a play date with the kids. So creative and fun, she seems!

So when she offered to do a blog post about her son's last second birthday party, I sorta was jumping for joy myself! This is the CUTEST carnival themed party I've ever seen. You will love this! Check it out :) 

All photos from Jillian Brooks

1. What was this party's theme and the age of your child?
Carnival party age 2

2. How far in advance before the party did you start researching ideas, planning, etc.?
I start pinning 3-6 mos in advance lol. 

3. Where did you find your inspiration, ideas? Any good Web sites, books, etc. you used for ideas?
Pinterest! 4. What words did you want to describe this party?

5. Why did you choose this particular theme this year for your child's party?
I knew a carnival would be full of games and yummy snacks! 
6. Where did you get the supplies- decorations, paper products, etc.?
Oriental trading/ dollar store

7. Did you do treat bags for the kids? If so, what and where did you get them?
The kids took home a "pet goldfish" (plastic fish in handsoap) and they filled paper popcorn bags with candy.

8. How did you invite people to the party - paper in the snail mail invitation, Evite, email, FB event invitation, etc.? What worked or didn't work with this way of inviting people? And about how many people did you invite, why?
Snail mail! Invited 30ish
9. Did you have any games at your party? If so, let us know how they went. 
We played ring toss, pin the nose on the clown,bounce house, had a tattoo station. They were very relaxed and no real "rules"
10. Where did you hold the party, and how did that work, pros and cons of having it at this location?
In our backyard! I love having it at home, we have the best backyard!
11. How did the party run, the agenda of when you did things (cake before presents? snacks and treats before cake?)?
Cake before presents...I think. Snacks were out from the start.
12. What time was the party? Why did you choose that time, and did it work out well or not?
Party was at 2- worked great!

13. Thing you are most proud of about this party and why?
I love the final product! Everyone had a blast! The weather was perfect! I was very proud of my cupcakes and whirley pop cake!
14. How do you think your child enjoyed this party?
Max still talks about his bounce house...he loved it.

15. Anything else you want to share about party planning in general, or advice to others about planning a child's party?
Parties are what you make them! I take my time and always look for the best deals. I keep a tight budget but it always works perfect with the amount of time I give it.

Also- I love sticking to a theme but NOT a pre-fab kit theme like Disney characters etc. I like hunting for all different things that pull your theme all together in the end!

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