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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

book - Funny Little Pregnant Things

I am super excited to feature this book Funny Little Pregnant Things by Emily Doherty, not only because I think it's such a fantastic book for all new moms to read, but also because it's written by a former high school classmate! 

I found this book hilarious, extremely honest and real, and so to the point that you can't miss feeling totally normal after reading it. It was also short, simple and easy to pick up quickly during nap time or before I fell asleep 10 minutes after hitting the pillow at night. I definitely recommend you giving this as a baby shower gift or even to yourself if pregnant or ever have been pregnant. You will all relate to this!

I love on page 15, Doherty wrote, "The next forty weeks of your life will be broken down into three stages, which I like to refer to as the Holy Trinity: Holy sh-t, I feel awful. Holy crap, I feel great. And holy cow, get this baby out of me." And on page 30 she refers to changing the term hemorrhoid to "butt button" because it sounds better. Hilarious! 

My favorite chapter was 11, Breastfeeding. She gives REAL tips and experiences about how breastfeeding is not this beautiful thing every single time or at least not at the start. She explains - in not a scary way, don't worry - the reality of how hard breastfeeding can be at the start. This was a breath of fresh air for me to read. We hear lots on how breastfeeding is the best, but little about exactly how hard it can be and how to overcome those obstacles. 

Thanks, Emily, for sharing your stories with us! 

All images from Emily Dupre Doherty 

1. How many children do you have and their names?
2 children: Cullen is 2.5 and Lachlan is 10 months

2. What were your pregnancies like in general? 
My pregnancies were both totally different. I did not get sick with my first child, but always seemed to be in a bad mood. With my second, I felt incredibly sick all the time, but overwhelmingly happy. 

3. What do you remember about pregnancy? Give us 5 words to describe.
Tired, anxious, great hair, insomniac, excited

4. Why did you want to write your book about pregnancy? 
Being first time parents, we had the hardest time with the baby registry. Babies R Us is also incredibly intimidating. We ended up asking fellow friends what they actually used with their kids, which was a huge help. After my kids were born, I kept a list of useful baby items and would share it with my pregnant friends. 

The book stemmed from that list. I just kept thinking of things I wish someone had told me, before I had kids and kept on writing.

5. What were you hoping moms would take away from this book?
I am hoping moms find the book easy to read, funny, and helpful.

6. What is something you wrote about that was something you had wished someone had told you about, the most important thing to you?
Gosh the whole book! But if I had to pick one thing it would be to prepare for no sleep. Lack of sleep leads to agitation, agitation leads to fighting, and fighting is not good for any relationship. 

7. What do you think is the most important piece of advice you could give to expecting mothers?

Try not to over think it. All babies are different and don't be afraid to parent the way you want to. There is so much information available today it can be daunting. Just go with the flow.

8. What do you think is the most important chapter to read in your book and why?
I like the chapter called Quiet on the Set...Action. My only frame of reference on delivering a baby came from the movies or what I had seen on TV. After having two children, I now know how inaccurate the media's portrayal of child birth is. This chapter goes through a list of common movie myths. 
9. What was the process like for you writing a book and publishing it? How did you go about that? 

I wrote the majority of the book during my second maternity leave. My son was strapped to my stomach in the baby Bjorn while I typed away. I decided to self publish because I knew it would be a faster process. The overall experience was easy and stress free. I am currently changing the book over to an actual publisher and have hired a PR firm to market it. Since I work a full time job, and am a mother of two, I am looking forward to the extra help. 

10. What is your advice to moms who want to write a blog, write a book, etc. about their mommy world?

I think women, especially moms, tend to give so much of their time to others. So I highly encourage moms thinking of writing a book or a blog to take some time for themselves and go for it. The process is very rewarding. 

12. Funniest thing that ever happened to you while pregnant?
Probably peeing myself while stuck in traffic

13. Top 3 most annoying things about pregnancy?
Your hormones going insane, gaining weight, not being able to sleep
14. Top 3 best things about pregnancy?
You are upgraded by society to first class citizenship, maternity clothes make you look cute, and every time the baby kicks
15. What else would you like to add?
Raising kids is harder then I had ever expected, so don't be afraid to ask for help or support. There are plenty of places like your {the Mommy Stories} blog and Facebook page, which I think are fantastic. 

To purchase the book Funny Little Pregnant Things, check it out on here:

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