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Saturday, February 15, 2014

gifts for a lobster boy

My son just had his 4th birthday, an ocean and lobsterman party! While searching for ideas on Pinterest and elsewhere for his party, I came up short. Apparently not many people have lobster boys on their hands.

So, I figured it could help someone else - possibly? another lobster lover child out there? - if I share these cool ocean-related gifts we have around the house.

Let's start with my favorite: the buoy bat! A baseball bat made out of a real genuine lobster trap buoy. Are you serious?! AWESOME! My son received this from his uncle and aunt for Christmas this year. Such a great idea.

Here are some various island, ocean-loving books we've found or been given for this lobsterman's grandson!

Going Lobstering is our FAVORITE. We have two versions of it. The board book to the right is very much used and worn. They know every word to it!

The Fish House Door features Frenchboro Island, where my dad is a lobsterman, off the coast of Bar Habor, Maine. Love that book! So real!

My mom found this Playmobil toy for my son, a real lobster fishing boat! He loves playing with it. Tiny pieces, so I would not let little ones around it.

Loved this lobster pull toy my friend Heather Steinback gave to me at my baby shower... the lobster boy loves it now, too!

Hope these ideas help. I know I was struggling for ideas. Here are a few others

  • Christmas tree ornaments, in Maine you can find all kinds of these with fishermen, traps and lobsters on them
  • Hats - my mother-in-law knit my son an adorable hat with red lobsters on it! Crooked By Design on Etsy also makes custom orders for you lobster lovers!
  • Swim clothes-  A couple of guests gave our son some swim clothes, rash guards, sandals and shorts for his birthday gift. Great idea for an ocean party, and we definitely need these!
  • My mom got him some swimming lessons for a present, another great idea for our water baby.
  • Sand pails and shovels
  • Pool floats and noodles. We found a big inflatable lobster pool float toy for my son, he'll love it this summer!
  • Lobster cookie cutter - you can find it on We were given this a while ago, it was fun making lobster cookies before his birthday.
  • Summer beach store T-shirts, those are always fun!
  • Bath toys - boats, lobsters, fish, fishing poles, etc. Those are super fun in the tub!
  • Fishing pole - My son already has one, but this would be a great gift idea for a water-lover. 

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