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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

all you need is love - PINTEREST ideas for V-Day!

It's February... and that means LOOOOOOVE is in the air! Here is a round up of my favorite Valentine's ideas found on Pinterest and from a few creative mamas you may recognize!

A few more ideas at our Mommy Stories be mine- xoxo Valentine's Day Pinterest board


These cookies look super easy to make and delicious and yet fun for the kids!

OK this looks super easy that even I could make a heart-shaped cake without the pan! Love this idea. Kids would have fun decorating it, too.

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Or how about keeping it simple and fun? These would be a great addition to any Valentine's party!

I've gotta be honest, I go old school on the old Valentine's swap for my kids and cousins, preschool, etc. Valentine's Day is a few days after my son's birthday... so I put tons of creativity effort into his birthday that Valentine's is typically an afterthought. Meaning I do the old box of Valentine's that my kids draw on and I write their names to and from, and they add some stickers. Nothing fancy, but works.

However. There are SO many cute ideas out there. So, if you have the time and energy, I totally encourage you to try one of these! Maybe someday I'll be over the whole birthday theme creativity thing and put more effort into being a cute Valentine giver. Until then, YOU can do it! Show me what you create, message me or email me at

I've seen so many variations of this type of treat for your children to take to school to swap with friends. So fun! Just type into Pinterest "Valentine's ideas" and you will get tons more ideas. Here are a few of my favorites.

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These are a great resource if you want to make your own Valentine's cards for parties.!

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This one below is my favorite for kids to give away! Healthy, simple, easy, especially for younger kids in pre-school or toddlers/babies. 

Everyone LOVES foot or handprint craft ideas. Here are two takes on L-O-V-E that I just, well, LOVE.

Thanks, mama friend, Mary Gauvin, for sharing this one below. It's made out of card stock. She used the Cricut to cut out the letters (using scrapbook paper left over from her wedding album - how crafty!). Then modge lodged everything onto the card stock. So cute!

Thanks to my mama friend, Chelsea Brittain, for this footprint LOVE picture she and her little daughter made for dad on his birthday recently. Another great idea for Valentine's Day!

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