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Thursday, January 9, 2014

rooms to grow - Melissa LaFrance

So happy to share with you Melissa LaFrance's daughter's big girl room. So girly, yet not over the top princess pink, just like she wanted. I LOVE the pillow on her bed! Such a sweet, soft, pretty room. 

And a successful transition to a first floor bedroom! Nice! 

Thanks, Melissa!

All photos from Melissa LaFrance

1. What purpose does this room serve for your family? What do people do in here? This is my 3 year old's bedroom. It was difficult for me to move my daughter to this new room because it's on the first floor of my house. Once we had my son, we really didn't have a choice because we have such a small house. I was super paranoid but after talking to some mom's on this blog they helped ease my mind. I have a video monitor, security system (for piece of mind!), and have it so she can't escape out of the room when we aren't on the same floor. It's all worked out really well.

2. What was the "before" in this room like? Why did you want to change it up?

The before was an office/'man room'. Once baby #2 came along, my husband had to pack up all his sports memorabilia and welcome some pink into the room!

3. What are you excited about / proud of with this room now? 
I love how the room turned out in general. I wanted something girly but didn't want it all pink and frills.

4. What do you hope your child thinks of his room or could do in this room?
I hope my daughter enjoys spending time in the room. The room is located near our living room, so it works great to keep extra toys in.

5. What are the best parts about this room and why did you choose to include those?
I love the tree decal and the color of the walls.

6. Share info about the room in general, what is in there specifically, why you put things where you did, why you chose bright colors, etc.
I can't take any of the credit for the design of the room. I took it from Pinterest! I found a blog that told me where to buy everything from the curtains down to the paint color! 

You have to love Pinterest!

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