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Friday, January 3, 2014

rooms to grow - Jillian Brooks

Jillian Brooks is showing off her toddler's incredibly bright and lively bedroom and play room. I LOVE this room! You can just see how much fun little Max would have in here every day. I can't wait to see what she does with the Big Boy Room next!

I also love the idea of painting the outside of a toy box to make it even more cute, yet practical for storage. I like taking the crib bedding as the focal point and inspiration for the rest of the room's touches.

Great ideas, thanks, Jillian!

This is the crib bedding that was the inspiration for the room
Photos from Jillian Brooks

1. What purpose does this room serve for your family? What do people do in here?  
Max has his own bedroom, which also serves as his playroom. We use the wooden toy boxes Dustin made to store a lot of our play things and craft supplies. We play in here all the time, read books before bed and when I'm lucky he gets a full nights sleep in here too! 

2. What was the "before" in this room like? Why did you want to change it up?  
This IS actually the before right now bc im in the process of changing EVERYTHING for a "big boy room" 

3. What are you excited about / proud of with this room now? I love his tree and the giraffe so much! We will be keeping those in his new room. 

I just looked closely to see Max's name spelled out in the tree... LOVE IT! 

4. What do you hope your child thinks of his room or could do in this room?
 I know Max loves his room! He loves putting his height on the giraffe after dr appts! 

5. What are the best parts about this room and why did you choose to include those?
The best parts are: -my glider for story time! Was awesome for nursing too! -my diaper stacker!!! Which also has a baby lion on it. - Max also has an easel from IKEA that hes obsessed with! 

6. Share info about the room in general, what is in there specifically, why you put things where you did, why you chose bright colors, etc. 
We purchased his table and chairs, easel and rug from IKEA. Love that place! Bureau from Wayfair, changing table from Target. 

I fell in love with the bedding set when we were creating the nursery and it was our inspiration for sure. Lots of bright greens and yellows, perfect for a boy

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