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Sunday, January 5, 2014

rooms to grow - Jessie Legere

Jessie Legere is one of my favorite people, such a sweetheart and very, very dedicated mama. She is BEYOND amazingly crafty also (she made the pillows, curtains, pictures on the walls... she's pretty talented!)!

I took pictures in this room of her son and asked where she bought everything... things she MADE! LOVE the thought that went into her son Cale's Big Boy Room! As baby #2 was on the way, this preggo mama worked hard to make sure her son felt included in the change process, as well as excited about such a cool new place for him to grow in.

I think the orange and bright colors are so.much.FUN!

I love Jessie's idea about including your future big brother or sister child in on all the planning of the new big kid room. It makes it more fun, and not so much as a necessity that you have to move them on so the baby can have the nursery.

Great ideas, Jessie, nice job! Thanks!

1. What purpose does this room serve for your family? What do people do in here?
This is my 2 1/2 y/o son's big boy bedroom. He moved from his nursery into this room when he was about 26 months old. 

2. What was the "before" in this room like? Why did you want to change it up?
Before moving Cale into this room it was a guest bedroom/computer room and where we put pretty much everything we didn't have a place for in the house. We were expecting our second so we needed this to become the big boy bedroom so the baby could have the nursery. It took a lot of clearing out to get it ready! 

3. What are you excited about / proud of with this room now? 
I'm so excited with how his room came out. 

I wanted it to be bright, cute, fun and a place where we could keep most of his toys to get them out of the living room. I think what I like most is that everything has its place and he knows what goes where. That makes clean up a little easier. 

He doesn't usually like to play in his room by himself so he'll bring things out to play with, but then can easily put it back himself. That's part of why I love the baskets. We can sort toys into different baskets and it's easy enough to just throw everything back in after playing. 

I think I'm also proud that I did just about all the work myself while 6 months pregnant in the middle of summer (literally sweating during every stroke of painting!). My husband helped with hanging things on the wall and he and his Dad built the bench, but other than that it was all me. Though my son did "help" some. 

4. What do you hope your child thinks of his room or could do in this room?
Before the room was finished my hope was that he would love it and feel proud to have a new big boy room. I think that was accomplished because for the first few weeks when I would put him to bed he would hug me and say "I love my new big boy room". That was SO nice to hear as I really did put A LOT of time and work into trying to make it nice for him. 

And, he loved to show it off to anyone that came over, he even invited random people from the grocery store over to see it (we're still working on him realizing that we can't invite just anyone into the house). 

I also hope that this will help us to continue to keep things organized, and that he will eventually start to play in his room a little more by himself as he grows older. 

5. What are the best parts about this room and why did you choose to include those?
One of the best parts is the set up. I like that the middle of the room is open. He currently has a tent set up in there, and we've been able to do lots of projects at his table. We also sorted through his stuffed animals and kept only the special ones in his room. Sometimes he likes to go through them and remember who gave them to him or where he got them. 

I think the best thing is how much he loves it!! I included him in a lot of the projects to get the room put together and I think he feels really proud of that. 

6. Share info about the room in general, what is in there specifically, why you put things where you did, why you chose bright colors, etc.
One of the hardest things to decide was the set up. I stood in there a few separate times when it was empty trying to visualize where to put everything. I knew I wanted his bed in a corner so it would leave the middle of the room open. We put it on the far wall since the other wall I was considering is against the nursery and I didn't want him to wake up if he heard noise from the nursery. 

The bench I knew had to be in a corner so it all just came together after that. I wanted it to be bright and fun and decided to be "daring" and go with orange walls. I was really nervous after I finished painting, with the room being empty it was really bright so I had my fingers crossed the whole time that everything would look good once it was all together. I decided on orange, blue and green and just went with it. 

I found his bedding at Target and then stressed for a little while trying to find curtains that matched but luckily found a matching fabric shower curtain at Target and made the valances. I spent a lot of time in Joann fabrics looking for the right fabric to make the cushions for the bench and the wall hangings but once I decided on that everything seemed to go pretty smooth. 

I don't think I would change anything if I did it over again, especially including my son in the process!

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